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Advantages of autumn and winter for cosmetic surgery treatments

Although the vast majority of cosmetic surgery interventions can be performed at any time of the year, the increase in patients for cosmetic surgery in autumn and winter compared to summer is common. Requests for information on aesthetic treatments also increase at this time.

This is because the cold months of autumn and winter offer several advantages to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially with regard to postoperative and recovery. These advantages are as follows:

Easier and faster recovery

After the cosmetic surgery treatments there is always a recovery period, more or less long depending on the type of treatment. In the case of those treatments with a longer recovery time, this time is often one of the reasons why patients consider whether or not to undergo the operation.

During the colder months, we usually spend more time at home and reduce outdoor activities, which facilitates rest and helps you rest more and better during the postoperative period, allowing recovery to take less time and be more bearable.

In addition, the cooler environment at fall and winter, with lower temperatures, favors better healing during recovery and the risk of infections is also lower in these conditions.

In time for summer

Many of the patients who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery want to be ready in time for the arrival of good weather. Some surgeries, such as liposuction, tummy tuck or breast implants, have a longer postoperative recovery time, and in others whose postoperative period is shorter, the optimal results are visible between 4 and 6 months after surgery.

Therefore, if we want to be ready for the arrival of summer, the autumn and winter months are the best to undergo these surgeries.

Greater ease to wear bandages, girdles and garments during the postoperative period

Bandages and other garments that are necessary to wear during the postoperative period after certain surgeries can be uncomfortable with the heat of summer, being easier and more comfortable to wear in winter.

The surgery goes more unnoticed

In the cold months, when going more warm and with more clothes, the bandages and girdles that are worn during the postoperative period are also easier to hide, which is interesting for those people who prefer that others do not notice that they have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Ease to avoid exposure to sun and water

During the postoperative period of many surgeries it is necessary to minimize exposure to the sun, since exposing the scars to the sun too much during the postoperative period:

  • Can make the wound take longer to heal, increasing recovery time.
  • Increases the risk of infections.
  • In some cases it can even cause permanent scars, looking undesirable and difficult to remove.

In the cold months of autumn and winter it is easier to avoid exposure to the sun, since there are less hours of light, sunlight is less intense and we spend more time at home.

Among the cosmetic surgeries that are most recommended in winter are those that affect the face, since at this time of the year the sun radiates less strongly on our skin, although it is still necessary to avoid the sun and use sunscreen with a very high factor.

On the other hand, most postoperative contraindicates prolonged bathing, such as in swimming pools or the beach, which is easier to avoid in autumn and winter.

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