Breast augmentation: types of surgery and implants

Breast augmentation: types of surgery and implants

The breast augmentation surgery is one of the most demanded in Spain, both by national and international patients, who come to undergo surgery in our country for the excellent quality/price ratio of the treatments.

In this article we will discuss in greater detail what are the different variants of breast augmentation surgery, as well as the different types of implants used. The choice of one technique or another, as well as the type of implant, will depend largely on each case, as well as the desired result.

Types of breast augmentation surgery

The different techniques used for breast augmentation surgery differ mainly in the way used to access and place the implants. They are the following:

  • Transaxillary technique: using this technique, the incision necessary for surgery is made in the fold of the armpit, where it is even more hidden than with other techniques. In this way it is possible to directly access the pectoral muscle to place the implant below it. However, this technique is limited to those cases in which it is the most appropriate to achieve the best results, taking into account criteria such as the shape of the chest once the prosthesis is placed (so that they are not too high) and the visibility of the scar.
  • Inferior hemiareolar technique: in this technique, the incision is made in the lower half of the areola, where the color change between the areola and the lighter skin occurs, so that the scar is very disguised. This technique presents a slightly higher risk of capsular contracture, so it is usually only used when there are mammary asymmetries that make it necessary to equal the height of the areolas, or alterations in the shape or size of the areola, since this method allows the surgeon to correct them during surgery.
  • Submammary technique: the incision made during surgery is hidden in the fold that forms the union of the chest with the thorax, so that it is not noticeable. In most cases it is the most appropriate technique to obtain optimal results, and the one with the lowest risk of complications, which is why it is the most frequently used This approach allows placing the implant simply under the muscle, or above it (below the mammary gland), depending on the case. Another advantage is that, by not modifying or altering the mammary gland, scars are not produced in it that could confuse the result of mammograms or other diagnostic tests.

Types of implants for breast augmentation surgery

Regarding the types of implants used in breast augmentation surgery, there are different types depending on the following factors:


According to its shape, implants of two types are used:

  • Round: They are the most used and most demanded in our country, because they offer a more natural result. The reason for this is that they accumulate more gel in the lower area, so that their shape is more anatomical.
  • Anatomical: although they have improved in recent years, they are still less natural than round ones, because due to their denser and rigid gel they do not change their shape depending on the posture.


The size of the prosthesis is usually between 125 cc and 450 cc. The choice depends largely on each case and the desired results, so it is important the specialist’s advice to get the right size. Nowadays, it is possible to get a better idea of the result through simulations, which facilitates the choice to obtain the best results.


The envelope of the implants can be of two types: rough or smooth. Although their choice may vary according to each case, in recent years are usually used mostly smooth.


The type of filling is one of the most important factors in the choice of prostheses to be used in breast augmentation, since they affect both the naturalness and quality of the result and the risk of breakage, so it is especially important to take into account the opinion of the specialist when deciding.

There are different types of filling, but the most demanded and used is mainly the following:

  • Cohesive silicone gel: in most cases it is usually the best option, since it offers the most natural and highest quality results. In addition, if for some reason the prosthesis does break, the gel remains cohesive inside, without expanding outside the prosthesis.

Surgery for breast augmentation at Vithas Xanit International Hospital

If you are thinking about undergoing breast augmentation surgery, at Vithas Xanit International Hospital we have the best specialists, who will provide you with the best advice to obtain the best results in your surgery. In our price guide you will find a base price estimate for this type of surgery. In case you want a more accurate cost for your case, more information or request an appointment, please contact us.