Tips to take care of our skin in winter

How to take care of our skin in autumn

Autumn is a transition season between summer and winter, with many changes in temperature and atmospheric conditions, which also have an impact on our skin. In addition, it is also common for dermatological problems to appear, such as dehydration or the appearance of spots, derived from excessive sun exposure during summer.

In this article, Dr. Enrique Herrera Acosta, Head of the Dermatology Service at Vithas Xanit Internacional, gives us some basic tips to take care of our skin in autumn, help it recover from summer and be prepared for winter:

Take care of our hydration

Although in autumn it is not as hot as in summer and we do not feel the same need to drink water, we must not forget to hydrate adequately by drinking a sufficient amount of water a day, since it affects both the health of our skin, helping to keep it well hydrated, and our health in general. Besides water, infusions and juices are also recommended. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, which can have a dehydrating effect.

Take proper care of the hygiene of our skin

Exfoliating it to eliminate dead cells, but without overdoing it, gently with an exfoliant that respects and does not irritate our skin, which contains nourishing ingredients for the skin, such as vitamin E.

For daily hygiene we must be careful with the water temperature, since we must not forget that too hot water can damage our skin, making it look more dehydrated. In this way, the showers are better to be short and with warm water, without excessive use of soap.

After bathing, the application of moisturizer is also recommended.

Keep using photoprotection

Although the heat is not as intense in autumn, ultraviolet radiation is still equally harmful, even on cloudy days or through glass. Therefore, it is recommended that when we are going to be exposed to the sun, such as when walking or doing sports, we continue to use sun protection, especially in the exposed areas of our skin.

Protect our skin from the cold and wind

In addition to exposure to the sun, cold and wind can also cause dryness in our skin, so in addition to the use of moisturizers with sun protection, it is also convenient to protect our skin with appropriate clothing.

Use moisturizers

Both for the body and for the face, as it will help to keep the skin soft, hydrated and healthy, helping to prevent premature aging. It would be advisable to hydrate the skin a couple of times a day, especially on the arms and legs.

Special care with our face

The face is the area of the skin most exposed, both to wind, sun, pollution… This is why it is important to clean it properly on a daily basis, both when getting up and before going to bed.

Due to the fact that in autumn the skin does not sweat as much as in summer, it is possible to use tonics with less chemical substances and more natural, such as micellar waters, serums, oils and cosmetics with probiotics that help preserve the skin’s radiance.

Nor should we forget that it is advisable to exfoliate the skin before adding cosmetics on it.

Finally, although we take special care with the face, we must not forget the rest of the body.

Always remove make-up before going to bed

In case we use makeup, since not removing makeup or doing it badly can cause various skin problems, such as clogged pores or unwanted reactions.

Lead a healthy diet and lifestyle

A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and E, is also very beneficial for our skin, helping to slow down its aging. Other healthy habits, such as avoiding tobacco (which also affects the skin, worsening its quality and causing it to age earlier) are also important.

Autumn, a good time for treatments

Because we spend less time exposed to the sun in autumn, it is a good time to start cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate the skin, remove blemishes or other imperfections, or unify skin tone. Treatments such as chemical peels, pulsed light, laser treatments, etc.

Dermatology Service at Vithas Xanit Internacional

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