Head of Urology Services at Vithas Xanit International Hospital

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Medicine from the Navarra University (1996).
  • Doctor of Medicine from the Navarra University (2003).

Specialist Training

  • Clínica Universitaria of Navarra (1997-2002).

Areas of expertise:

  • Oncologic surgery (prostate, kidney, bladder, etc.).
  • Urinary incontinency.
  • Prostatic green laser.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Doctor at the Donostia Hospital (June 2002).
  • Associate Doctor at the Mérida Hospital (2002-2007).
  • Associate Doctor for the Urology Services at the Costa del Sol Hospital (since 2007).
  • Visiting Doctor at the Jackson Memorial and Cedars Hospital in Miami, Florida (November 2001).


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Other Achievements

  • Assistant lecturer for practical classes in General Surgical Pathology (Urology). Faculty of Medicine at Navarra University. (1997-2002).
  • Awarded the Prize “ACTAS UROLOGICAS ESPAÑOLAS” for the best annual publication.
  • Analysis by genomic sequencing of the p53 oncogene in vesicle carcinoma. 22(7):552-556, 1998.
  • Award for the best doctoral thesis in Uro-Oncology in 2002-2003 awarded by the Uro-Oncology Group of the Spanish Urology Association. Presented at the group meeting in Cordoba 2004.
  • Scholarship from the University of Miami for Spanish residents with the best curriculums. Attendance at the University of Miami, Department of Urology November, 2001.