Dr. Trujillo


Processes Coordinator - Xanit Oncological Institute


  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malaga in 1992


  • Specialist Degree in Medical Oncology: date of completion – March 1999


  • Masters Degree in Clinical Research from the University of Seville. Completed a two year PhD in Neurosciences at the University of Malaga. This was completed in July 1994 with outstanding achievement.


  • Position as a Specialist in Medical Oncology obtained from the Andalucian Health Service for work in the Public Sector.
  • Position as Specialist in the Medical Oncology Unit at the Punta de Europa Hospital in Algeciras from November 1999 – January 2004.
  • Position in the Medical Oncology Department at the Virgen De La Victoria Hospital in Malaga, from June 2005 – November 2007.
  • Position as Specialist in the Oncology Unit at the Costa Del Sol Hospital in Marbella, from November 2007 – November 2008.


  • PROGNOSTIC VALUE AND RESPONSE TO CHEMOTHERAPY OF IMMUNOHISTOCHEMICAL PHENOTYPES (IP) OF 141 OPERABLE BREAST CANCER PATIENTS (PTS) INCLUDED IN PHASE III TRIALS OF ADJUVANT THERAPY RAFAEL TRUJILLO1, E Gallego2, A Márquez1, R Ribelles1, D Perez1, C Quero1, A Medina1, L Vicioso2, A Rueda1 E Alba1, 1 Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital, Medical Oncology Department, MALAGA, SPAIN, Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital, Pathology Department, MALAGA, SPAIN.
  • CARABANTES F, BENAVIDES M, COBO M, TRUJILLO R, BRETON JJ, PAREDES G, TISAIRE JL. Phase I/II study of Paclitaxel and escalating doses of Mitoxantrone in Metastatic Breast Cancer. II Internacional Symposium of Changes in the treatment of breast cancer, Madrid 1ST – 2ND of June 1997 (pags.: 203-204).
  • CARABANTES F, BENAVIDES M, COBO M, HEBRERO ML, TRUJILLO R, GOMEZ D, DE LA GANDARA I, BRETON JJ, PAREDES G. Phase I/II trial of continuous infusion vinorelbine for advanced non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). 34th A.S.C.O. Proceedings. Los Angeles 16-19 of May 1998 (Abstr.:#1846)


  • Investigative Clinical Work Participating with cooperative groups for oncological research.

Participated as a teacher in the following courses:

  • Doctorate course in Medical Pathology at the University of Malaga. Oncological Genetic Counselling during the period 2006 – 2008.
  • X DAYS IN ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY. Organised by the Emergency Department at the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital in Malaga, April 2006. Talk: ‘’CONTROL OF SYMPTOMS IN ONCOLOGICAL PATIENT’’.
  • Teacher on the First Course for Continuous Medical Training – GEICAM, Madrid during the period 2006 – 2008.