Dr Sánchez Yagüe, Head of Digestive System Service at Vithas Xanit Internacional

Dr Sánchez Yagüe, from Vithas Xanit, participates in the preparation of guidelines for restarting activity in digestive services nationwide

Now that hospitals gradually return to normal, it is necessary to modify the way of working that we had until now, in order to protect both patients and professionals.

This is precisely the purpose with which the guide of “Restablecimiento de la actividad en los servicios de Digestivo. Recomendaciones de la AEEH, AEG, GETECCU y SEPD” (Restoring activity in the Digestive services. Recommendations of the AEEH, AEG, GETECCU and SEPD), a national guide in the preparation of which Dr. Sánchez Yagüe, head of the Digestive System Service at Vithas Xanit Internacional, has participated, along with leading gastroenterologists and hepaticologists from the 4 most important Digestive societies in Spain: the Spanish Society of Digestive Pathology, the Spanish Association for the Study of the Liver, the Spanish Working Group on Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and the Spanish Association of Gastroenterology.

As Dr. Sánchez Yagüe explains, “All the members of the executive committee of the Spanish Society of Digestive Pathology have worked since the beginning of this crisis in creating protocols for the adaptation of the digestive system units; initially to limit the activity to what is strictly necessary and later to progressively normalize the activity, but always prioritizing the safety of patients and professionals”.

The result is this guide, which will allow digestive services throughout the country to progressively normalize their activity with all the security measures for patients and professionals.

Although it is a guide for professionals, an infographic for patients has been created from the Spanish Digestive System Foundation, summarizing their recommendations and which can be found at this link.

In addition to participating in the preparation of this guide, Dr. Sánchez Yagüe has also published several documents on modifying activity in endoscopy units during the pandemic, as well as participating in various webinars for all of Spain and South America.

In the following video (in spanish), Dr. Sánchez Yagüe talks about the guidelines for restarting activity in digestive services and how all the security measures have been implemented at the Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital.

Having taken all appropriate measures during the pandemic and now during de-escalation to protect patients and professionals, all medical specialties have already resumed activity and face-to-face consultations are operating normally. As Dr. Sánchez Yagüe adds, “Without a doubt, our hospital is a safe hospital and I want to encourage all our patients to come to the consultations and not delay their health care.”

Vithas hospitals are safe hospitals

Vithas’ 20 hospitals are safe hospitals for patients and professionals thanks to the implementation of strict safety protocols against covid-19. Among the measures implemented, the establishment of two different circuits stands out: one for people with symptoms compatible with covid-19, and the other for other patients.

Additionally, we supply masks and hydroalcoholic gel to all people who come to the hospital for any reason. In addition, the Group is carrying out massive virus detection tests on all personnel, who are equipped with all the necessary self-protection measures.

A security that has always been reinforced thanks to the fact that all Vithas hospitals implement the strict protocols of the Joint Commission International, world reference body that accredits patient safety and healthcare excellence.

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