Eye exams before returning to work

Eye exams before returning to work

The end of the summer holidays is approaching, and for many it is time to return to work and daily routines. With the return to work, in many cases we also spend many more hours in front of the computer screen and other devices, which supposes an overexertion for our eyes and our vision, so at this time of the year, visual fatigue, blurred vision and other similar symptoms appear more frequently.

In addition, with the arrival of autumn, changes in temperature and wind, among others, facilitate the appearance of dry eye, and with the change of rhythm of our body to adapt to the change of season also occur more cases of conjunctivitis, normally due to infections or allergies.

Now that the holidays are over and it is time to go back to work, it is a good time to go to the ophthalmologist and have a complete checkup, which is recommended at least once a year.

Eye examinations, prevention and early detection of ocular pathologies

Through complete ophthalmological examination, we will not only make sure that our vision and visual acuity are in the best possible conditions, it will also help us to prevent and detect any possible problem or pathology related to our eyes at an early stage.

Some eye diseases need to be detected and treated as soon as possible to prevent as far as possible the loss of vision. This is the case of the feared glaucoma, which causes blindness gradually and is almost impossible to detect without a review by an ophthalmologist. Therefore, ophthalmological reviews are essential to detect this and other ocular diseases in time.

Those people who suffer from diabetes also have a higher risk of suffering from certain eye diseases or pathologies, so they should go to a review more frequently.

Ophthalmological examinations at Vithas Xanit International Hospital

If you are thinking about going for an ophthalmological review, or need medical assistance with any eye problem, in the Ophthalmology Unit at Vithas Xanit international Hospital, located in Benalmadena, on the Costa del Sol, we offer you the best care. Contact us if you want more information or make an appointment.