Frequently asked questions after an abdominoplasty

The abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is the surgery which corrects the flaccidity of the skin, stretch marks, abdominal fat and excess of cutaneous skin in the same intervention.

The abdominoplasty is a highly demanded intervention after pregnancy, hormonal changes and especially from 40. It is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2-5 hours, depending on the case.

The abdominoplasty is used to obtain a narrower waist, a flatter abdomen and a much firmer skin.

Since the abdominoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that needs a wide incision, the postoperative tends to be somewhat painful and even sometimes involves a series of complications. Therefore, it is essential to comply with all the recommendations given by the physician.

Some of the most frequently asked questions after the operation are:

After the abdominoplasty intervention, how many days will I be hospitalized?

After an abdominoplasty it is normal to be hospitalized for 1-2 days.

What care should I have before discharge?

Before discharge, the wounds will be checked, the bandage changed and a belt of pressotherapy will be put. This girdle will be firm but elastic, essential for the correct fastening of the tissues. They are specially designed for this type of surgery so it will help your skin to adapt well to your new situation. It is advisable to wear it day and night for a month and a half, depending on the case.

After discharge when do I have to go back to the hospital?

The day after discharge, a review of the abdomen and wounds is performed, and an analysis to assess the patient’s overall condition.

How will I feel the first few days?

The first few days you may feel dizziness, tiredness, or palpitations, especially if you are standing for a long time or suddenly getting out of bed. To avoid anemia, a treatment with vitamin and iron supplements is usually prescribed.

What care I must have the first days?

You must be at rest, follow the prescribed treatment and try not to be alone the first days in case you need help to go to the bathroom or to stand up. It is advisable to take a rest with the trunk flexed to prevent tension in the muscles and in the wound.

Of course, you should not do the tasks of the house or lift any weight. You also cannot shower until the doctor authorizes you to do so.

You will feel very swollen, both the abdomen and the rest of the body, not only for the operation, but also by the retention of liquid. If you notice little urine, simply increase the intake of fluids.

How many kilos can I lose?

Abdominoplasty is a type of surgery whose goal is not to lose weight but to remove the excess of skin and fat. So the total loss of kilos will depend on the amount removed.

Will I be able to eat what I want?

It is advisable to carry a diet rich in liquids, as well as to drink 2 liters of water a day, infusions and natural juices. Avoid coffee and prepared beverages.

It is recommended to eat fruits and fiber to favor the intestinal transit, and to leave aside for a while the industrial pastries and refined carbohydrates. Moderate consumption of meats is conducive to healing.

How long will I have to keep the drainages?

The function of drainages is to collect the possible bleeding that may cause the surgery. From the third day, a yellow liquid could appear, the seroma, resulting from the dissection of the tissues and the fat.

What checks do I have to do at home?

We only have to check the drainages, nothing more. Do not touch bandages to avoid infections in 4-5 days.

On what will be based the treatment that I have to take post operation?

Analgesics, antibiotics, vitamins and iron.

What exercises will I have to do?

Walking what you can at home and stretch your legs are exercises usually recommended by the specialist.

When will I recover the sensitivity?

In a couple of weeks – 4 weeks you will begin to notice slight punctures as a result of the recovery of the areas operated. Gradually, you will recover the sensitivity in the area.

The wound that is generated in this type of surgery is long, so it tends to be a slow recovery.

In addition, if you notice that the abdomen is swollen and red for several months, do not be alarmed, it is normal in this type of operations.

When can I return to normal life?

In 2-3 months, you will be able to exercise and return your daily lifestyle. The scars will be more visible until the year but they do improve progressively.


Other advices of interest:

  • Do not smoke for a month before and after the intervention
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during pill intake to avoid interactions and undesirable effects.
  • It is recommended not to have sexual relations during recovery so as not to damage the operated area.

At Vithas Xanit International Hospital, in the Cosmetic surgery unit, we have the best technology and a professional team to perform your abdominoplasty with total safety. If you have any doubts about the intervention or the postoperative, do not hesitate to contact us here