Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital

First days without patients admitted for covid-19 at Vithas Xanit Internacional

After treating more than a hundred patients with covid-19, the last patient admitted for coronavirus was discharged from the Vithas Xanit International hospital this past May 5.

“From Vithas Xanit International we are really happy to be able to deliver this news now that, after hard months of work that have forced us to adapt to circumstances, at last we are gradually returning to normality thanks to the great dedication and effort of all our professionals”, as stated by Dr. José Martín Vázquez, medical director of the hospital.

Prepared for de-escalation

As it was established as a condition to the Autonomous Communities by the Ministry of Health for the gradual de-escalation of confinement, two different circuits had already been established at Vithas Xanit, one for patients with covid-19 and the other for the rest of patients with other pathologies, which applies to all hospital areas: emergencies, outpatients, operating rooms, hospitalization, waiting rooms or admissions.

Of course, this double circuit will continue to be active, in case another patient with suspected coronavirus infection arrives again, thus guaranteeing maximum safety and the best care for all our patients.

Face-to-face attention by appointment now available

At Vithas Xanit Internacional, in addition to continuing to hold telephone consultations for patients who cannot travel to the hospital, we have already set up medical specialties in person, being possible to make an appointment by phone 952 36 71 90.

“From Vithas Xanit International we have a great concern for all those patients with previous pathologies who become ill or worsen but do not go to the hospital for fear of contagion. For this reason, we want to encourage all our patients to go to the hospital, knowing that they can rest easy thanks to all the measures we are taking to guarantee the safety of each and every one of our patients, including the performance of tests to all our professionals”, explains the medical director of Vithas Xanit.