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    The first phase of the Vithas Xanit Internacional expansion project ends

    The first phase of the Vithas Xanit Internacional expansion project ends

    Once the tasks of excavation and containment of walls have been carried out, the first phase of the work on the Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital expansion project has been completed, after having built 614 m3 of reinforced concrete, 30,700 kg. of steel and 5,500 m3 of earthworks.

    This expansion work, whose investment in its realization amounts to 16 million euros, will result in an innovative hospital of 25,000 m2, a reference in healthy spaces and universal accessibility.

    The reform will be carried out without affecting the current surgical activity of the hospital, for which actions such as the relocation of some facilities in the current building are already being carried out.

    As a result of this expansion, a global hierarchical circulation scheme that will facilitate the daily activity of the hospital will be achieved, both for specialists and for patients, separating technical circuits from public ones and reinforcing vertical communications with two functional nuclei of stairs and elevators.

    “One of the great novelties that will be carried out with this work is the union of both buildings, the current and the new, on the ground floor in its entirety”, explains Mercedes Mengíbar, Andalusia territorial director of the Vithas Group, who adds that the result will be “having a single central services plant that will mean better connectivity”. “In this plant we will have operating rooms, ICU, PACU, outpatient consultations and emergencies, facilitating the daily activity of the hospital, not only for specialists but also for patients. Because Vithas hospitals are already prepared to take care of their patients and, with this work, at Vithas Xanit we continue to make progress to take better care of our patients”, she highlights.

    Distribution of the new building after the expansion

    The expansion will consist of 4 new floors, aligned with the basement, ground floor, +1 and +2 of the current building. The distribution of the new floors will be as follows:

    • Basement floor: it will house the loading and unloading dock, a space for waste, a facilities area and a parking lot for staff.
    • Ground floor: the surgical block is expanded with 2 new operating rooms (as well as space to add 4 more operating rooms in the future) and a post anesthetic recovery area. There will also be renovated wardrobe areas and a sterilization area with a washing, preparation and collection area for sterile material. This same floor also includes a new Intensive Care Unit block with 15 individual boxes, separated from the surgical block by a courtyard that will allow all boxes to have direct natural light. Finally, there will also be an expansion and reform of the existing outpatient consultations that will result in a total of 62 consultations that will also have a new access of its own and differentiated from the main access.
    • Floors 1 and 2: they will be aimed at increasing the hospitalization area. In principle, 36 new beds will be added to the hospital (for a total of 142), leaving space to expand the hospitalization area with 36 more rooms in the future.

    In this way, as explains José Antonio Ródenas, managing director of the Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital, “In addition to increasing the current capacity, with 5,635 m2 in hospitalization, surgical block, outpatient clinics and ICU and reforming 1,048 m2, the expansion project contemplates another 2,148 m2 for the preparation of an additional hospitalization floor and 4 operating rooms that will be completed in a next phase of the project when demand requires it, which means a substantial reduction in construction costs and the inconvenience for the activity with respect to construction from scratch. We will also have a 157 m2 PACU with 15 posts and a post anesthetic recovery unit on the same floor as the ICU”.

    A hospital designed to be healthier and more accessible

    In the design of this expansion of the Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital, carried out by PMMT Arquitectura, innovative methodologies have been used:

    • On the one hand, it is based on Friendly Materials©, a method that allows choosing the healthiest construction materials, by evaluating and comparing how different materials affect the health of interior spaces and their occupants.
    • On the other hand, the Clear Code Architecture® methodology ensures that the universal accessibility of all the built spaces is guaranteed, so that anyone can access them independently regardless of their abilities or circumstances.

    Thanks to the application of both methodologies in the expansion, the new Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital will be a space in which the high quality of services and results will be reinforced by the design and comfort of the hospital.

    Vithas hospitals are safe hospitals

    Vithas’ 20 hospitals are safe hospitals for patients and professionals thanks to the implementation of strict safety protocols against covid-19. Among the measures implemented, the establishment of two different circuits stands out: one for people with symptoms compatible with covid-19, and the other for other patients.

    Additionally, we supply masks and hydroalcoholic gel to all people who come to the hospital for any reason. In addition, the Group is carrying out massive virus detection tests on all personnel, who are equipped with all the necessary self-protection measures.

    A security that has always been reinforced thanks to the fact that all Vithas hospitals implement the strict protocols of the Joint Commission International, world reference body that accredits patient safety and healthcare excellence.

    For more information: https://preparadosparacuidarte.com/

Department Patient Care
Xanit International Hospital

I really appreciate and thank all the staff at Vithas Xanit International Hospital.  They certainly helped to make my stay in hospital more relaxing, and less painful than usual, in spite of my illness. I feel that I have just come out of a charming small hotel rather than a large hospital.


Medical Specialities

  • Hair Transplantation Unit

    At Vithas Xanit we offer the most advanced technology for hair transplantation surgery and for non surgical treatments. We attend both men and women, suffering from any capillary loss, either on the scalp or in any other body area (beard, moustache, eyebrows or eyelashes).

  • Cosmetic Surgery and Anti Aging

    Cosmetic Surgery and Anti Aging

    At Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional, the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Unit helps patients to feel good about themselves.
    The latest medical technology and our doctors and surgeons’ perfectionism are key factors in terms of patient satisfaction with the results of their cosmetic surgery or treatment. Liposuction, breast enlargements, rhinoplasty and tummy tucks are among the most applied treatments.

  • Dental surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry

    Dental surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry

    Our dentists carry out your dental surgery and/or dental treatment quickly and efficiently.
    At Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional, we guarantee high quality dental treatments such as dental surgery (dental implants, sinus lift) or cosmetic dentistry treatments (dental crown, dental bridge, veneers, dentures, etc.).

  • Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma

    Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma

    Orthopedic surgery quality and prices vary from country to country and Spain combines the best of both worlds.
    The most requested health tourism orthopedic surgeries are hip replacement and knee replacement. At Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional, these procedures are performed using arthroscopy and Minimally Invasive Techniques (MIS).

  • Heart Surgery

    Heart Surgery

    Our Vithas Xanit Cardiology Area is an international benchmark for heart diseases. It boasts cardiologist and specialist heart surgeon on conditions such as arrhythmia, implanting pacemakers, angioplasty, heart bypass, repair to the aortic valve and mitral valve, heart valve replacement and percutaneous mitral valve repair.

  • Obesity treatment and Bariatric Surgery

    Obesity treatment and Bariatric Surgery

    Obesity is considered to be one of Western countries’ major health issues and consequently the demand for bariatric surgery is on the up, particularly concerning gastric banding and gastric bypass
    Our surgeons have been widely trained in this area, with over 20 years’ experience in all bariatric surgeries. They are all done by laparoscopy.

  • Digestive Surgery – Gallbladder Surgery

    Digestive Surgery – Gallbladder Surgery

    The General Surgery and Digestive System Service at Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional can boast the most advanced technology and latest generation equipment for treating a wide variety of digestive pathologies such as in gallbladder. This service offers advanced laparoscopy surgery as the main way of tackling most surgical pathologies.

  • Urology – TURP

    Urology – TURP

    The Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional Urology service employs European Board of Urology-certified urologists. This unit offers patients the latest diagnosis techniques, treatments and procedures. At our International Hospital, Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) is the most frequently used technique to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

  • Vascular Surgery – Phlebology

    Vascular Surgery – Phlebology

    Venous insufficiency is a chronic pathology that affects one in three adults. It is characterised by a deficient blood return in the lower limbs.
    Our International Hospital medical team has wide-ranging experience in sclerotherapy with micro-foam, varicose vein removal with endovascular laser, ambulatory phlebectomy and the C.H.I.V.A technique, among others.

  • Spinal Surgery

    Spinal Surgery

    Slipped discs and spinal stenosis usually affect the lumbar and cervical spine and the spinal surgery most requested by our international patients is laminectomy, as well as arthroplasty of the intervertebral disk and spinal fusion.

  • Ophtalmology and laser eye surgery

    Ophtalmology and laser eye surgery

    Our international hospital uses a new femtosecond laser, the most technologically advanced refractive surgery system currently available. It can correct long-sightedness and refractive defects such as short sightedness, astigmatism or hypermetropia in a single operation.
    The most popular ophthalmology surgeries among our international patients are laser eye surgery, glaucoma and cataract surgery.

  • Imaging Diagnosis

    Imaging Diagnosis

    Radiology and nuclear medicine are medical specialties that focus on the diagnosis of diseases through the interpretation of images. They provide fundamental information for the Medical Check-Up Unit. At Hospital Vithas Xanit Internationalthese two specialities are integrated into a single service in order to provide the maximum reliability and diagnostic coordination.

  • Medical check up

    Medical check up

    Evolving health concepts, greater longevity and technological developments mean that it is increasingly important to detect and make an early diagnosis on diseases and prevent them.
    Therefore, periodic health check-up is the most efficient and secure way of controlling your health.

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology – Hysterectomy

    Obstetrics and Gynecology – Hysterectomy

    Various conditions might lead to a hysterectomy or uterine ablation: uterine cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, adenomyosis.
    This surgery can be traumatising for women and so the psychology department at Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional helps women through this process.