Health Checkups in Spain

Evaluate your health status in a single day

Health Checkups at Vithas Xanit International Hospital

A regular medical checkup is considered the safest and most efficient way to take care of our health. At our International Hospital we offer our patients the most complete checkups, personalized for your needs.

With prestigious experts

Our specialists will be at your disposal to answer your questions and help you with your concerns in your language.

Personalized attention

Upon arrival in Malaga, an assistant will receive and assist you throughout the process. You will receive a luxury suite during your entire stay and if you wish you can stay the night before without additional cost.

All on the same day

Initial assessment, medical report and personalized assessment on the same day. A copy of the comprehensive medical report, translated into the patient's language, will be provided along with another copy for the family doctor in charge.


During the first consultation, the specialist will perform a medical examination and analyze your complete medical history. Then he will offer you expert advice and give you recommendations based on your individual requirements and preferences.


Prevention is the best cure for any type of disease, so we offer you the most complete medical checkup according to your needs: from a thorough examination of your health status to the detection of specific pathologies.

The Basic Checkup

Initial Assessment

  • Clinical History. Personal and Family health history.
  • Physical Examination. Body Mass Index (BMI), weight, height, pulse, blood pressure.

Laboratory test

  • Complete blood test.
  • Blood Glucose, ureal, creatinine levels, Na, K, Ca, P, Mg, Full cholestrerol tests LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, GOT, GPT, GGT, FA, Total Proteins, Albumin, PCR, VSG, Clotting time, Ferritin Levels, Uric Acid, Chloride and Bilirrubin levels.
  • Complete urine tests. Fecal occult blood test.
  • Total and free ratio of PSA (for men only).
  • Thyroid hormone levels.


  • Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound.
  • Prostatic ultrasound (for men only).
  • Gynecological ultrasound (for women only).
  • Mammogram or Breast ultrasound (for women only).

Heart and lung examinations

  • Electrocardiography.
  • Ergometry.
  • Echocardiogram.


  • Ophthalmological examination.
  • Fundus of the eye, biomicroscopy and visual range.


  • Complete urological examination (for men only).
  • Gynaecological Examination (for women only).
  • Gynaecological Ultrasound (for women only).
  • Smear Test (for women only).

Initial evaluation

  • Clinical History.
  • Physical examination.

Clinical analysis

  • Complete blood test.
  • Glucose, urea, creatinine, NA (sodium), K (potassium), CA (calcium), P (phosphorus), MG (magnesium), total cholesterol, LDL ( low density lipids), HDL (high density lipids), Triglyceride, GOT, GPT, GGT, FA, Serum Total Protein, Albumin, PCR,VSG, Coagulation Fe, Ferritin, Uric Acid, Chlorine, Bilirubin Total.
  • Comprehensive urine test.
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test.
  • Total and free PSA (for men only).
  • Thyroid Hormone levels.


  • Chest x-ray.
  • Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound.
  • Mammogram or breast ultrasound (for women only).
  • Bone density test (for women only).


  • Electrocardiography.
  • Ergometry.
  • Echocardiography.


  • Spirometry.


  • Ophthalmological check-up.
  • Fundoscopy, biomicroscopy and visual acuity.


  • Revision and audiometry.


  • Urologic check-up (for men only).
  • Gynaecological check-up (for women only).
  • Gynaecological ultrasound (for women only).
  • Smear test (for women only).

Includes all PREMIUM tests*

  • Initial evaluation
  • Clinical analysis
  • Radiology
  • Cardiology
  • Pneumology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Urology/Gynecology
    • *See Premium Checkup above for more details.

Clinical Analysis

  • Tumor markers.
  • Serology, Hepatitis B and C.


  • Cardiac CT calcium scoring.
  • Abdominal CT Scan.
  • Head MRI.
  • Thyroid ultrasound.
  • Carotid doppler ultrasound.


  • Skin cancer screening test.
  • Digital dermatoscopic screening of moles.

Our Specialist


Head of Hepatology and Internal Medicine at Hospital Vithas Xanit International Hospital

Why Vithas Xanit International Hospital?

  • The hospital has a team of more than 780 professionals and has 13,000 m2 with 106 individual rooms.
  • Vithas Xanit is specialized in medical tourism and medical treatments abroad for cross-border patients. We attend 600.000 patients every year, 40% of which are foreigners representing about 90 different nationalities.
  • Our multilingual staff speaking 15 languages, and available 24 hours a day, provides personalized care to our international patients.
  • We have received recognition for our quality care and have become the only private hospital in Andalusia and are one of the few in Spain to be accredited by the Joint Commission International.

Why Costa del Sol?

  • Direct flights from anywhere of the world.
  • Benalmadena is a coastal town located at the heart of the Costa del Sol between Malaga and Marbella/Puerto Banus. It is only 20 minutes away from each of them, and from Malaga International Airport.
  • There are many activities as golf courses, nautical activities, hiking, leisure activities and much more.
  • The municipality of Benalmadena is well known for its gastronomic offer: fish, seafood, traditional and home-made cuisine, without forgetting the Mediterranean cuisine.

Starting from 1000 €

Includes: consultation, medical tests, personalized attention, luxury suite.

Full medical report

High-quality healthcare

Checkups tailored to each patient

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