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Hip surgery

Hip Surgery, minimally invasive surgery for hip replacement

Total hip replacement (also known as hip arthroplasty) is today a quite common orthopedic procedure which is expected to become even more extended due to population aging.

Replacement of the hip joint with an implant or “prosthesis” is meant to relieve pain and to improve mobility so that patients can resume their normal daily activities shortly after surgery.

The traditional surgical approach used for total hip replacement is based on one long incision allowing the surgeon to view and access the hip joint.

A variation of such an approach is based on a more minimally invasive procedure where one or two shorter incisions performed help to reduce pain and speed up recovery times. However, not all patients can be treated with this minimally invasive technique, unlike the more traditional total hip replacements, and patients will need to discuss personally the existing treatment options with their orthopedic surgeon.

The surgical techniques used for total minimally invasive hip replacement are quite similar to those used for more traditional surgeries though the surgeon cuts less tissue surrounding the hip.

Artificial implants placed are also the same ones as those used in more traditional hip replacement surgeries though, in this case, specially designed surgical instruments are needed to prepare and insert the socket and femur into their final place.

Reported benefits of minimally invasive hip replacements include less damage to soft tissues, quicker and less painful recovery with shorter post operative times before patient can get back to their normal daily life. Current evidence suggests that long-term benefits of minimally invasive surgery are similar to those observed after hip replacement performed using more traditional approaches.

Minimally invasive surgery is a specific technique performed by well-trained and highly experienced orthopedic surgeons. Patients interested in invasive hip replacement surgery, its possible risks and benefits will get all the necessary information and credentials directly from their orthopedic specialist.

At Vithas-Xanit International Hospital, the multidisciplinary team of experts is highly trained in minimally invasive hip replacement surgery techniques, which shows in their excellent results.