Dry eye

How to prevent dry eye in autumn

During the fall, the appearance of various ocular discomforts is frequent, being the dry eye one of the most frequent, in addition to the conjunctivitis caused by allergies, which also appear frequently at this time, although not as much as in spring.

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic pathology that affects the quantity and quality of tears, so that these are insufficient to keep the surface of the eye moist, or evaporate easily, so that the ocular surface dries and various discomforts appear, which can be more or less severe depending on the case.

The most common symptoms caused by dry eye syndrome are the following:

  • Redness
  • Itchy eyes
  • Feeling of dryness and burning
  • Gritty sensation in the eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Inflammation
  • Visual fatigue
  • Photophobia

The possible causes of dry eye syndrome are varied, and include various factors that can affect the composition of tears, such as hormonal changes, age, other eye or general diseases, or the use of some medications, among others.

The lower frequency of blinking of our eyes while we fix our eyes in a prolonged and continuous way on digital screens, and other environmental factors, such as windy conditions or hot and low humidity environments, also contribute to our eyes not producing enough tears and that these evaporate earlier, favoring the appearance of dry eye symptoms.

On the other hand, having undergone refractive surgery also causes a greater predisposition to suffer from dry eye, as well as the use of contact lenses, especially if they are worn for many hours a day.

Tips to prevent dry eye

First, the most effective way to detect early if we can suffer from dry eye syndrome is through an ophthalmological review, allowing preventive action if detected.

Next, we review some useful tips to prevent dry eye syndrome:

  • Rest your vision when using computers and other screens

When using computers and other devices with similar screens, when we fix our eyes for a long time we blink much less. In addition, when we focus our attention on the screen our blinks also become partial, without closing the eye completely. All this contributes to the fact that the tears do not spread well on the surface of the eye, and that it dries earlier, causing the appearance of dry eyes. That is why it is important to rest your eyes every so often (every 20 minutes, for example), making sure to blink completely and as often as necessary.

  • Beware of the lack of humidity and air conditioning

Dry environments with a lack of moisture favor the appearance of dry eye symptoms. Therefore, if we are in dry interiors, very often due to air conditioning or heating, it is advisable to humidify the environment, for example, by using humidifiers.

It is also advisable to avoid standing directly in front of or under the air conditioning and other similar devices, since windy conditions or direct air currents in our eyes also cause them to dry much sooner.

  • Take care of our diet

Caring for food is also important for our eye health. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (present in blue fish, nuts and vegetables), and low in omega 6 (present in red meat) helps prevent the appearance of dry eye.

This is because diets with excess omega 6 and low omega 3 favor dysfunctionality of the Meibomian glands, which are responsible for producing the layer of fat that protects the tear film against evaporation.

  • Before undergoing eye surgery, have a study

Most eye surgeries favor the appearance of dry eye symptoms, so those who already have dry eye or are prone to it, would see their symptoms aggravated after eye surgery, so it is convenient to have a study to see if we are prone to dry eye syndrome before deciding to undergo one of these surgeries.

  • Beware of certain medications and eye drops

Certain medications can worsen the symptoms of dry eye, such as with certain anxiolytics, antiallergics or gastro-intestinal regulators, and also occurs in the case of certain eye drops with vasoconstrictors or preservatives that are administered chronically.

Therefore, it is important to use them in moderation and always with medical supervision, consulting the specialist as soon as possible if any symptoms of dry eye appear during such treatments.

  • Dry eye as a symptom of other pathologies

Occasionally, it may happen that the dry eye is the first symptom or manifestation of another systemic disease, as with certain rheumatic or skin diseases, so controlling dry eye symptoms can help diagnose them early.

  • Treat conjunctivitis and other eye diseases correctly

In the case of suffering from any other ocular pathology, such as conjunctivitis, treat it correctly so that there are no possible sequelae such as dry eye.

  • At the first symptoms of dry eye go to the specialist

Although at present the dry eye syndrome is a chronic pathology, without cure, there are many treatments that significantly improve the quality of life of those who suffer it, mitigating the symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to go to the ophthalmologist when the first symptoms appear, in order to receive an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

Treatments for dry eye syndrome

If, despite following all these tips, the dry eye appears, there are treatments to reduce and prevent dry eye. The most frequent is through the application of artificial tears.

There are various types of artificial tears with different compositions (for example, there are artificial tears composed of hyaluronic acid) and densities, being the ophthalmologist who will tell us which are the most appropriate in each case when necessary. In those cases where artificial tears are not enough, other treatments are used, such as serum eye drops, whose properties improve eye conditions.

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