international patients service

International patients service

Specific International Patients Service at Vithas Xanit

Vithas Xanit is an international hospital attending more than 600.000 patients every year with about 40% of foreign patients originating from over 90 different countries. Our staff ensures that all foreign patients feel “at home” during their stay at Vithas Xanit with healthcare services and care levels adapted to their particular needs.

Our “International patients Service” provides individual attention and care to all foreign patients, 24 hours a day, all year round. Our staff speaks 16 different languages like Russian, Arabic, and Chinese or English… to help patients communicate during their stay. Apart from this communication assessment, our Vithas Xanit multilingual professionals also consider cultural values and issues to offer the best individualized care at all times. Whenever necessary, they inform about the administrative paperwork to fill in, both in Spain and back at home.

The International Services Department work hand in hand with the other hospital services to ensure an individualized treatment and excellent medical care to all patients and their relatives.

The Vithas Welfare Officers visit all international patients in their rooms every day to help them communicate and understand this new environment.

Vithas Xanit Hospital really is an international hospital because its premises, services and staff are prepared to answer the needs of all foreign patients.

Our international staff (practitioners, officers…etc.) provide the best possible individualized care to meet specific cultural requirements like adapted menus for Chinese or Arabic patients or satellite TV channels with foreign TV programs, for example.

At Vithas Xanit, we focus on patients and their families during their stay.