orthopaedic surgery in Spain

Knee surgery in Spain

Over 12% of the elderly suffer from knee arthrosis and the pain can sometimes become permanent and quite incapacitating. On some occasions, a knee prosthesis operation might even be necessary. Many patients from other countries decide to have a knee surgery in Spain at Vithas Xanit International Hospital.

When to have knee replacement

A knee replacement can be considered when the pain in the knee area is due to a rheumatologic pathology, or to some infection or fracture sequels. Pain is usually triggered by a mechanical or functional uneasiness when walking, going down the stairs, etc… though it can turn into an inflammatory and permanent trauma.

Thus, the joint gets tense and deformed and this is accompanied by an increasingly acute pain.

Knee surgery in Spain, deciding on the surgery

The Knee replacement surgery is an elective surgery. So it can never be considered as an emergency or as a preventive surgery. This operation is usually recommended for patients over 65 or 70 when the functional use of the knee is diminishing.

In 90% of cases, pain disappears or decreases significantly and mobility is similar to that observed before the orthopedic surgery. After the operation, the patient will be able to practice sporting activities like biking, walking, swimming, golfing, though other types of sports like football for example, will not be possible.

A knee prosthesis normally lasts about 20 years.

Knee surgery procedures in Spain

Knee surgery or knee replacement means that some parts of the joint are replaced by implants or prosthesis and that the ligaments need to be balanced and aligned with the lower part of the leg to stabilize the knee.

However, different kinds of knee implants are available, though the most popular is the complete knee prosthesis, made of the following three components:

  1. A metal made femoral prosthesis: this articulated plaque is fixed to the femur
  2. A plastic made femoral-tibial prosthesis: this component allows movements and stabilizes the joints
  3. A tibial prosthesis which is fixed to the tibia where the articulation is supported

Knee surgery in Spain at Vithas Xanit International Hospital is performed with minimally invasive techniques.

In fact, the surgery usually lasts 2 hours and is carried out under either general or loco-regional and sedation anesthesia.

Patients hospitalization period varies from 5 to 10 days, depending on every particular case.

After the surgery

Final results after a knee surgery will mainly be accountable for an orthopaedic surgeon’s expertise. At Vithas Xanit International Hospital, all surgeons working at the orthopaedic surgery Department are highly qualified.

After the performance of orthopaedic surgeries like a hip replacement, a knee replacement, a shoulder replacement, etc… an intense rehabilitation program carried out during a few weeks is needed. This is why our traumatology department works hand in hand with the hospital physiotherapy specialists.

Nonetheless, Orthopaedic surgery prices can vary from one country to the other and such procedures are not always covered by national health systems.

The quality/price ratio for a knee surgery in Spain is quite accessible and competitive, with reference to that of other countries.