Liposculpture: what it consists of and differences with liposuction

Very often the terms liposculpture and liposuction are confused, so many people use them interchangeably. However, these are two different interventions that, although they have a part in common, are not the same. In this article, we clarify what is the difference between both interventions and what exactly each of them consists of.

What is meant by liposuction?

In the first place, liposuction is the name given to those procedures in which the localized and accumulated fat in certain areas of the body is dissolved or liquefied in order to be able to extract it by means of suction.

Normally, this procedure is used, in most cases, to eliminate localized fat that neither diet nor exercise can eliminate. In this way, the fat extracted during the liposuction intervention is simply discarded.

As liposuction, other more recent variants are also considered, such as lipolaser, which differs from traditional liposuction in that a laser is used to dissolve fat and it is suctioned out using smaller cannulas, thus being the least invasive process, so its use is common in small areas such as the jowls or arms.

And what is liposculpture and what is the difference?

For its part, liposculpture, as its name suggests, consists of “sculpting” or remodeling, giving shape through the use of fat, various areas of the body. For this, fat extracted from the patient’s own body is used.

Therefore, liposculpture is a somewhat more complex procedure, since in the first place a liposuction is performed to extract the patient’s fat from those areas where it is left over, but once said fat is extracted it is not discarded, but it is used to give shape and volume to other areas of the body, in order to harmonize and improve the body figure as a whole.

This process, in which fat is moved from areas where it is left over to other areas where you want to add volume and shape, is also known as lipotransfer.

For this reason, since in liposculpture the extracted fat is reused to model various areas of the body contour, it requires even finer and more precise instruments for the extraction of fat than in liposuction, so that the extracted fat cells can be reused.

In which cases is one or the other intervention recommended?

In those cases in which the patient already has a well-defined body, but with accumulations of fat in localized areas that cannot be eliminated through diet or exercise, liposuction is usually the most recommended option.

On the contrary, if what you want is to give volume in areas that cannot be achieved no matter how hard you try through exercise, or if you want to achieve a radical change that improves and shapes the body contour, improving several areas in the same intervention, then liposculpture is usually the best decision.

Liposculpture at Vithas Xanit Internacional

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