Medical checkups on the Costa del Sol

Medical check-ups: from what age and how often

We all know that medical check-ups are important for the prevention and early detection of some pathologies, thus allowing them to be treated in time before the problem gets worse or is too late.

However, we may not have as clear as to what type of revisions we should have, from what age and how often. Next, we will briefly see the types of check-ups that are recommended according to our age and other factors, as well as how often it is advisable to perform them:

General Medical Check-ups

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the recommendation is to begin the check-ups from the age of 45, although in those cases in which the patient has a family or disease history, it is recommended to advance the check-ups for the corresponding pathology to the age of 40.

Before that age, around 20 to 35 years, it is usually not necessary to go to check-up unless we have signs of suffering from any medical condition, although depending on our lifestyle and habits it may be advisable to go to an annual review to keep track of our cholesterol, sugar and triglyceride levels.

In the case of children, the annual pediatric review already serves as a check-up, and additional reviews are not usually necessary.

The general check-up must include at least basic clinical examination, clinical history, basic analysis and electrocardiogram. The analysis should review, among others, glucose levels, cholesterol, creatinine (to assess renal function), defenses (leukocytes or white blood cells), hemoglobin (to rule out anemias). Depending on the results and the initial examination, the need for additional tests may be indicated as appropriate.

Tests for the early detection of specific pathologies:

In addition to the more general analyzes and tests, according to age, specific tests are recommended for some relatively common pathologies, for which early detection is essential for its prevention and successful treatment.

Among these specific tests or reviews are the following:

  • Cardiology and hypertension, to prevent heart attacks: from 45 years.
  • From the digestive system, for early detection of colon cancer (tests for the detection of fecal occult blood): from 45 years.
  • Urological examination (in men), for the early detection of problems such as prostate, bladder and kidney cancer, from the age of 50 or even earlier.
  • Gynecological review (in women): for the early detection of breast cancer, mammography every 2 years from 50 years or earlier, cytology every 3-5 years for the detection of cervical cancer.

In the case of a family history, the corresponding pathology reviews should be advanced at age 40 or earlier.

Frequency of check-ups:

Depending on the results of the first check-up, it will be determined how often the following should be performed: if there are no risk factors or background, it should be done at least every 2 years, but if risk or a problem is detected, more frequent reviews would be recommended. For example, in case of detecting a urological problem, such as a high risk of prostate tumor, reviews would be recommended every six months.

Eye and vision check-ups

Eye exams should be done from the beginning of schooling, once a year at any age.

Dental check-ups

It is recommended to review once a year, which will check the plaque index, oral hygiene, if there is presence of some pathology, and dental occlusion. At the time when teeth change, children should go to review every 6 months.

Dermatological check-ups

These reviews should be done at least once a year, as it is important in the prevention and early detection of melanoma or skin cancer. Those who have many moles (more than 30), have suffered burns more than 6 times in the same area of the body or have a family history have a higher risk of having it, so they should go to review more frequently.

In case of detecting any mole that changes or grows rapidly, causes discomfort, or other abnormalities or skin lesions, we should also go to the dermatologist for a review as soon as possible.

Medical check-ups at Vithas Xanit Internacional

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