Medical Tourism in Spain

Medical Tourism in Spain is concentrating in 6 major regions, with the Costa del Sol as one of main receiving areas.

The increasing demand from international patients seeking medical treatment or surgery has prompted Vithas Xanit International Hospital to set up and provide top quality services adapted to respond the specific needs of these patients.

Vithas Xanit International Hospital has launched a new specialized Medical Tourism in Malaga website to attend these demands, with a most particular consideration for the motives and expectations of all overseas patients. These usually depend on the country of origin, the type of treatment involved and the kind of specialized consultation needed.

Our Medical Tourism website takes into account these differences and regroups under geographical areas tabs, the most relevant and most demanded medical or surgical treatments for any of these countries.

We offer a multidisciplinary and multicultural service, bearing in mind the specific values, beliefs and cultural habits of our overseas patients.

We provide our international patients with all kinds of medical and surgical treatments, some more specifically demanded by Medical Tourists in Spain : cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, fertility treatment, bariatric surgery, gynecology, heart surgery, cancer treatment and over 40 different medical specialties.

1- New surgical techniques
Minimally invasive surgery is used in most cases ensuring thus shorter and more propitious post-op recovery times. All our international patients can then go back home shortly afterwards.

2- Attending worldwide patients at the international hospital
Our “International Patients Service” Department has established specific protocols to attend all information requests and help settle all processes involved during patient stay. Our staff help coordinate the different hospital departments and provide an individualized care to all international patients.

3- Comprehensive service during your medical stay
We provide help to our international patients throughout their organized medical trip: welcoming and escort services are offered during all planned medical consultations at Vithas Xanit and during the subsequent follow-up.
The Costa del Sol unites all essential elements to become one of the more attractive Medical Tourism in Spain areas: a warm climate, easy access either through one of the biggest airports in Spain, or by train directly from Madrid with the AVE, together with some of the best hotel resorts and activities (golf courses, sports, beaches, etc…)