Medical Treatments

Medical Treatments

medical treatments

Health and Beauty: Treatment – Surgery

At Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital, we have a team of highly qualified medical professionals made up of doctors and nurses who are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies relating to their respective specialities.

medical treatments

Surgery: Surgical Specializations

The ability of our specialist medical team is demonstrated by their extensive experience and qualifications, in many cases at an international level. Many of our experts have attained prestige and recognition as a result of the surgical and medical treatments that they offer.

surgical specializations

Medical Check-ups

The evolution in health care, our increasing longevity and major technological developments have made the early detection, diagnosis and prevention of diseases increasingly important.

medical checkups

Imaging Diagnosis

Radiology and nuclear medicine are medical specialties that focus on the diagnosis of diseases through the interpretation of images. They provide fundamental information for the Medical Check-Up Unit.



At Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital, the Xanit Oncological Institute (XOI) brings together all the medical procedures to cure cancer, with a special emphasis on the personalized care of the patient by the team of professionals led by an oncologist of international prestige.

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