Imaging Diagnosis

Imaging Diagnosis

Radiology and nuclear medicine are medical specialties that focus on the diagnosis of diseases through the interpretation of images. They provide fundamental information for the Medical Check-Up Unit

At Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital these two specialities are integrated into a single service in order to provide the maximum reliability and diagnostic coordination.

This service, comprising of only digital equipment, has the latest technology for managing and interpreting these digital images. It is made up of state-of-the-art equipment which includes:

  • 1.5 Tesla RMI scanner with advanced software
  • Scanner with 64 detectors (MDCT 64)
  • Top of the range ultrasound equipment
  • Interventist radiology room and haemodynamics integrated into the operating theatres
  • Latest generation gamma camera with  integrated X-ray equipment
  • Also conventional radiology, mammography with stereotaxis, orthopantomography dent-scan, etc…

This is a highly specialised unit which offers each patient the best, safest and most personalized solution depending on their pathology.  The most appropriate imaging technique is determined so as to obtain the most accurate diagnosis.



This is a routine diagnostic procedure. The scanner produces detailed images of various parts of the body. These are much more defined than the images produced on an x-ray.

The technique of magnetic resonance imaging allows to diagnose a great number of pathologies which occurs in different parts of the body, especially in the soft tissues: tumours, cancer, various heart diseases, joint injuries, etc.


This radiological technology offers much more resolution than conventional radiology, thus allowing for the diagnosis of bones and soft tissues injuries, even thos less than 3 mm.

CT scanning enables us to detect lesions in various organs such as:

  • The liver
  • The kidneys
  • Central nervous system
  • The blood vessels
  • Bones, etc.


After an intravenous injection containing a specific contrast, and by means of imaging techniques, the Scintigram allows the detection of specific problems that on many occasions  would not show up using radiological techniques. This can be used for various organs in the body such as the bones, lungs, heart, etc.

This technique is also used to carry out further studies on certain types of cancers, as well as to monitor them and to evaluate their response to treatment.


1- Information and motivation for your screening

In a maximum of 24 hours after receiving your request for information, we will contact you by e-mail or phone to assess your needs, identify your motivations and answer your questions directly.

2- Choosing your medical check-up

In order that you can decide which particular medical check-up would best suit your requirements, we kindly ask that you submit your clinical information in advance

3- Medical check-up process

At Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital patients undergoing medical check-ups will be given one of our luxury suites. If you wish to be admitted on the same day of the check-up, we ask that you arrive at the hospital between 8 a.m. and 8:30 am. However, there is also the possibility of spending the previous night in the hospital at no additional cost.

4- Your medical travel and your medical check-up

Once your medical check-up has been organised, our International Services Team at Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital will be at your disposal to assist you with your travel plans to Malaga, and will remain in constant contact with you.

5- Your arrival

Upon your arrival in Malaga, an assistant from Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital will greet you. We will assist you in organising your transfers and accompany you to our hospital.

6- Monitoring of your medical check-up

  • Preventive measures
    Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital not only offers you the possibility of having a medical check-up, but also offers advice on the best preventive measures for the early diagnosis for certain diseases.
  • Information for your own doctor
    We will give you a full medical report, as well as copies of any test results that have been carried out, which you can pass on to your doctor in your country of origin.

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