Vithas Xanit Internacional is committed to minimally invasive surgery in its gynecology unit

Vithas Xanit Internacional is committed to minimally invasive surgery in its gynecology unit

In order to continue improving our quality of care, we have incorporated minimally invasive techniques in the area of gynecology and care for women at Vithas Xanit Internacional. This minimally invasive technique known as NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery), allows minimally invasive procedures such as hysterectomies, ovarian cyst removal or surgery to reduce cancer risk, among others.

As explained by Dr. Juan Manuel González Jiménez, a pioneer in this method in Malaga, “surgery in recent years has experienced an unprecedented development, going from processes in which it was necessary to open the abdominal cavity, which entailed a “great morbidity for the patient (large scars, greater bleeding and infection rates), to interventions through minimal incisions, of 5 or 10 millimeters, single or using natural orifices of the body, which promote a more benign postoperative for the patient”.

As Dr. González Jiménez also adds, this technique is also used to intervene in patients with uterine prolapse: “we have successfully performed surgeries in middle-aged patients with type II uterine prolapse and myomatous uterus, in which, in addition to achieve a faster recovery and minimal bleeding, we have been able to perform ovarian cancer prophylaxis by excising the fallopian tubes; there are studies that have shown that some types of ovarian cancer start in this structure”.

In this way, thanks to the incorporation of this minimally invasive technique, a faster recovery of the patient is achieved, with less bleeding and less postoperative pain, making the postoperative more bearable and allowing her to return to her usual life sooner.

Another advantage of minimally invasive surgery is that it does not leave visible scars, to which we must add that “as it is a surgery without marks, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, it avoids hernias associated with abdominal scars“, such as highlights Dr. González.

Finally, remember that at Vithas Xanit Internacional you will find medical assistance from the best specialists, through the use of the most advanced minimally invasive techniques. Contact us for more information or make an appointment.