Tips to protect eye health in summer

The most frequent health risks in summer and how to prevent them

Summer and good weather arrive… and also holidays for many people! In these months you take advantage of more free time to go to the beach, spend more time outdoors, etc… However, arrival of high temperatures, intense sun, and use of air conditioning devices, swimming pools, etc… can also pose certain risks to our health if we do not take some precautions.

In this article we remember what are some of the most common risks to our health at this time and what precautions we can take to prevent and avoid them.


If we find ourselves in warm areas during the summer, as for example on the Costa del Sol, temperatures during the day can be very high, worsening the thermal sensation due to humidity, and prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in those more vulnerable people such as the elderly, children, the chronically ill, etc., and especially if we are not used to it. In these circumstances suffer a heat stroke can become one of the largest and most dangerous risks to our health.

To avoid this, the most important thing is to stay well hydrated throughout the day, as well as avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or in places where heat accumulates, especially during the middle of the day.

Here you will find more information on how to prevent heat stroke.

Risks to our skin due to overexposure to the sun

Overexposure of our skin to intense sun for long periods can have very serious consequences for our health. Not only can it cause annoying skin burns, but it can also cause, in the medium and long term, the appearance of problems as serious as skin cancer.

Therefore, it is really important to take the necessary precautions to prevent it, such as not exposing ourselves too much time directly to the sun, always using adequate sun protection and avoiding, as far as possible, exposing ourselves in the central hours of the day, when the sun is more intense.

And we must not forget that we must take precautions, not only when we are on the beach, but also when we do any other outdoor activity or sport if we are exposed to the sun during it.

In this other article you will find more information about how to prevent skin cancer.

Risks to our eyes: sun, swimming pools, air conditioning…

Most people are aware that sun exposure is a risk to our skin, but it is easy to forget that our eyes are even more vulnerable, so we must not forget to protect them properly.

In addition, in these hot days we find other risks to our eyes, such as eye dryness or dry eye, which can be caused by dry indoor environments due to the use of air conditioning or direct exposure of our eyes to the current of air of these devices. We must also be careful when bathing and diving in pools, beaches, rivers, etc… since chlorine, sea salt or other germs can cause irritation, redness and even infections in our eyes.

In the following article you will find more tips to protect our eye health in summer.

Mosquito bites (especially the ‘tiger’ mosquito)

On these dates it is common the appearance of large numbers of mosquitoes in warm areas. However, in recent years, the presence of the “tiger” mosquito has increased in the Mediterranean area, a more common species in tropical areas, larger than the common mosquito, with black and yellow stripes on its legs, and whose bite causes greater reactions than those of other mosquito species.

The greatest risks of the tiger mosquito bite are, on the one hand, that if we are allergic it can provoke reactions like generalized urticaria or even anaphylactic shock; on the other hand, that this mosquito species can transmit tropical diseases such as Dengue or Zika. Here you will find more information on how to deal with the tiger mosquito.

Finally, in this other article we give you some tips to prevent and treat mosquito bites.

Emergency medical assistance available 24 hours a day

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