Presbyopia surgery

Presbyopia surgery

Presbyopia is a visual defect that appears with age, usually from 40-45 years, and causes difficulty to see up close, which makes many daily tasks difficult, such as reading, using tablets and smartphones, etc…

Presbyopia is the result of loss of accommodation ability of the eye as a consequence of the loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens and small muscles of the eye responsible for changing its shape to focus near objects. That is why, being a consequence of aging, presbyopia inevitably affects the entire population.

Presbyopia symptoms and signs

Among the symptoms that indicate the appearance of presbyopia, which are progressing until about 60, in addition to the progressive increase in the difficulty to see up close, the patient tends to move away his/her arms more and more to read the texts closely with clarity.

In addition, presbyopia can also cause headaches and visual fatigue.

The symptoms are more accentuated with low luminosity and at the end of the day.

Presbyopia surgery treatments

To correct presbyopia there are several surgical treatments, among which are the following:

Presbyopia laser treatment

The procedure of laser techniques to correct presbyopia is similar to LASIK techniques, since the procedure is similar, the difference is in the way of remodeling the cornea with the excimer laser, in this case to correct presbyopia. There are mainly two forms of laser treatment of presbyopia:

  • Monovision: Corrects the sight of one eye for near vision, and the other for far vision. It is then the brain that at each moment chooses the image of one eye or another, as it is necessary to focus near or far. Usually requires a time of adaptation by the patient.
  • PresbiLASIK or Supracor: In this case, the surface of the cornea is reshaped in both eyes to simulate a multifocal lens, so that different areas of the cornea are corrected for near, intermediate, and far vision. It is then the eye that selects through which zone to see according to the distance of the object in which the vision is to be focused.


Presbyopia laser treatment with femtosecond laser

In the case of presbyopia laser correction, as with refractive surgery with LASIK to correct myopia, farsightedness and/or astigmatism, it can be performed with femtosecond laser, in which case the whole procedure is performed only with lasers, without surgical cuts.

Presbyopia correction with intraocular lens (IOL)

This procedure consists in correcting presbyopia by the implantation of multifocal intraocular lenses in replacement of the crystalline lens (the natural lens of the eye), so the procedure is the same as for cataract surgery, only that in this case the lens may not yet have opacified. This also avoids the later appearance of cataracts, since the crystalline has already been replaced by a lens.

For patients with cataracts (normally older than 55-60), the correction of the presbyopia is usually performed with the intraocular lens implanted in the cataract surgery in substitution of the crystalline lens, so the presbyopia also is corrected along with the cataract surgery.

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