Ophthalmology protocol

1- Information and motivation for your laser eye surgery

Within 24 hours of receiving your request for information, we will contact you by e-mail or phone to assess your needs, identify your reasons for surgery and to answer your questions directly.

2- Diagnosis and type of the laser eye surgery and treatment

We advise you to firstly visit our Ophthalmology Department In order to ascertain which particular treatment / surgical intervention is best suited to your individual case.
• Medical records:
We will send you a list of examinations and medical tests results that we will need to see during your first visit to Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional. In the event that our doctors deem necessary an additional screening test, this could be carried out during the same visit (except in the case of tests which require anaesthesia, in which case they will need to be pre-booked).
You may send us a copy of your medical information before planning your first visit.
• Diagnosis:
The professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of your ophthalmologic condition will study your medical records, the result of tests and examinations, and will establish a precise and reliable diagnosis.
We will assist you in choosing with you the laser eye surgery best suited to your particular case.

We will provide you with complete information: treatment process, programming and a detailed quote.

3- Process of the eye surgery

• surgery protocol
The process and the scheduling are different depending on the treatment chosen for your particular case
• An assigned medical team.
Throughout the treatment process, you will always treat with the same team of doctors

4- Your medical travel

Once your planned laser eye surgery / treatment is confirmed and accepted, our International Services Team at Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional will be at your disposal to assist you with organising of your trip to Malaga and will remain in constant contact with you.

5- Your arrival

Upon your arrival in Malaga, a representative of Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional will be waiting to greet you. We will help you organise your transfers and accompany you to our hospital.

6- Follow-up after your eye surgery

• Maintaining contact with you.
Once you have been discharged our International Services Team will be at your disposal should you requiere any further medical assistance, and shall assist you with any administrative requirements you may have.
• Informing your referring doctor.
We shall provide you with full medical report which you can give to your own doctor back home.

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