Hallux Valgus Percutaneous Surgery

Hallux Valgus Percutaneous Surgery

What is the Hallux Valgus?

The hallux valgus, also commonly known as “bunion”, is a deformation of the joint that connects the big toe to the foot, and the joint becomes inflamed causing pain. When the big toe bends towards the other toes, it also crowds the smaller toes causing further deformity on the foot. The onset of the deformity is gradual.

This is the most widespread deformity of the toe. Although the exact cause is unclear, some factors related with the apparition of hallux valgus are: wearing overly tight shoes, genetics and rheumatoid arthritis. This pathology is found mainly in women.

What are the hallux valgus symptoms?

The symptoms include inflammation and irritated skin around the deformed joint, causing pain at the exostosis level (anchor of the metatarsal bone joint and the big toe), especially when walking.

The more severe this deformity becomes, the pain gets worse and the deformation also becomes more evident and noticeable.

When hallux valgus surgery is necessary?

Surgery is necessary when the deformity becomes severe enough and painful, and it can’t be treated with others nonsurgical treatments or therapies.

Hallux Valgus Surgery procedure

Hallux Valgus percutaneous surgery is a minimally invasive surgery which aims to straighten the first metatarsal bone by osteotomy: resection of this bone, and alignment of the big toe with the metatarsal, also by osteotomy and resections of ligaments.

The surgeon inserts a few tiny instruments through small incisions to access the soft tissues and perform the osteotomy of the foot. During this procedure the surgeon is guided by “touch” and with the help of x-rays.

This surgical technique does not allow to fit bone fixings. Therefore, the bones are stabilized with silicone pieces and strong bandages for 20 days.

Type of surgery and anesthesia

This percutaneous surgery is ambulatory and it is usually done under local or locoregional anesthesia.

Postoperative follow-up

A postoperative medical check-up is usual a week after the intervention.

Hallux Valgus percutaneous surgery in Costa del Sol, Spain

Vithas Xanit International Hospital is located in Benalmadena, at the heart of the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Spain), where you can benefit of the excellent quality/price ratio of the treatments in Spain, and recover from your hallux valgus surgery in an environment with the advantages of the Mediterranean climate.

Hallux Valgus percutaneous surgery cost

If you are interested in the Hallux Valgus percutaneous surgery at Vithas Xanit International Hospital, in our prices guide you will find the average cost for this surgery. As the final price may vary depending on the particular case, please contact us for a better estimation of the final cost.

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