Hip replacement surgery

In which consists hip replacement surgery?

In a hip replacement surgery, or hip arthroplasty, an artificial hip prosthesis is used to replace the hip joint, the articular part of the pelvis and the upper articular part of the femur. A hip prosthesis comprises of three elements:

  • A hemispherical dome, which is placed in the cavity of the pelvis, or acetabulum, which remains in place once the femur has been removed.
  • A rod fixed to the interior of upper end of the femur.
  • A sphere that replaces the femur head and is housed in the pelvis cavity. This part of prosthesis is what will really allow for the movement of the hip.

When hip replacement surgery is necessary?

Hip replacement surgery is needed when joint wear or damage to the hip causes reduced mobility and pain. The most habitual reason for a hip replacement is severe arthrosis, but also in case of others diseases that can damage the hip, and in certain types of fractures of the femur.

Although this is a very frequent surgery and can be performed using minimally invasive techniques (MIS), hip replacement surgery is still considered major surgery.

Duration of the hip replacement surgery and anesthesia

The hip surgery lasts approximately 2 hours and is carried out under general or locoregional (spinal) anesthesia.

Types of hip surgery

Hip replacement can be performed as a total hip replacement surgery, or a hemi (half) replacement. In the total hip replacement both the acetabulum (the cavity on the pelvis) and the femoral head are replaced, while in hemiarthoplasty only is replaced the femoral head. Of those types, total hip replacement is the most commonly performed.

How long is the stay in the hospital after hip replacement surgery?

The usual hospital stay after operation is between 5 and 10 days, depending of the particular case.

Rehabilitation after hip surgery

The hip replacement is a surgery which requires an intensive rehabilitation for several weeks beginning from the day after the total hip prosthesis is fitted.

Postoperative follow-up hip surgery:

The hip prosthesis usually lasts approximately at least over 15 years.

To guarantee that everything is ok, follow-up X-rays are recommended, 1, 2, 5, 7 and 10 years after surgery, and a checkup is also recommended every 2 years.

Hip replacement surgery in Costa del Sol, Spain

Vithas Xanit International Hospital is located Benalmadena, at the heart of the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Spain), where you can beneficiate of the excellent quality/price ratio of the treatments in Spain, and recover of your surgery with the advantages of the Mediterranean climate.

Hip replacement surgery cost

If you are interested in the hip replacement surgery at Vithas Xanit International Hospital, please contact with us for an estimation of the surgery cost for your particular case.

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