Oxyvita: the solidary, efficient and low-cost respirator arrives in Latin America to face the coronavirus

Oxyvita: the solidary, efficient and low-cost respirator arrives in Latin America to face the coronavirus

Since last March the World Health Organization declared covid-19 a global pandemic, its progress has made clear the need to have adequate and sufficient medical supplies to combat it, especially in the most seriously ill patients.

That is why OxyVita Emergency Ventilator has been developed, a low-cost invasive mechanical ventilation respirator, efficient for use in the ICU, safe, portable, scalable and easy to use, and whose design is open source. This development has been carried out by ennomotive, based on the design created by the engineer Frede Jensen (endorsed by a long experience in the development of medical devices and respirators).

Together with ennomotive, this project has been possible thanks to the participation and collaboration of different entities: lyntia, financing the pre-series; Vithas and Fundación Vithas, approving the respirator and contributing to the project the knowledge of intensive care physicians; Mcfly Technologies, industrializing the respirator quickly; and Ayuda en Acción, for distribution in Latin America and Africa. It has also had the collaboration of other entities such as the Universidad Católica de Valencia, Medical Simulator, Capital Energy, Fundación ICAI, Rivergo Advisors and the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

Ángel Ayuso, Scientific Director of Vithas and Managing Director of Fundación Vithas, highlights how the experience of this hospital network against the coronavirus has influenced its participation in OxyVita. “At Vithas hospitals, we have experienced the healthcare pressure generated by the COVID-19 pandemic on the front line, and that is why we do not hesitate for a minute to join this solidarity project that will help thousands of patients in Ecuador and other countries receive the critical care they need”. And he adds, “the Fundación Vithas thus fulfills two fundamental objectives: to promote innovation in health and to act as an instrument of Vithas’ Corporate Social Responsibility”.

OxyVita already has the approval of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products for its use in clinical trials, allowing its use in the ICU in the fight against the pandemic wherever it is needed.

One of the great advantages of OxyVita is its low cost, which is below € 1.000, compared to other conventional respirators that cost between € 9.000 and € 20.000 on average. In addition, its assembly and use are so simple that they do not require high specialization and the patent for its design is open. These three characteristics make it an ally in the fight against COVID-19 in those places that are in an emergency situation, field hospitals or to meet the needs of health systems in countries with weaker economies.

The objective now is to deliver OxyVita to those places that are in an emergency situation due to the contagion of COVID-19 and that do not have similar medical supplies or sufficient financial resources to acquire it. With about 30% of the total confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide, Latin America is, so far, the most affected region in the world with almost five million infections and 200,000 deaths.

In this context, the destination of the first shipment of respirators will be Ecuador. Through the efforts made by Ayuda en Acción with the country’s health authorities and institutions, 50 respirators will be sent that the Ministry of Public Health will distribute among local and regional health centers in Quito and inland areas where there is a greater number of infections. In this way, OxyVita will undoubtedly save many lives, bringing hope to an area that is now severely affected by COVID-19.

Vithas hospitals are safe hospitals

Vithas’ 20 hospitals are safe hospitals for patients and professionals thanks to the implementation of strict safety protocols against covid-19. Among the measures implemented, the establishment of two different circuits stands out: one for people with symptoms compatible with covid-19, and the other for other patients.

Additionally, we supply masks and hydroalcoholic gel to all people who come to the hospital for any reason. In addition, the Group is carrying out massive virus detection tests on all personnel, who are equipped with all the necessary self-protection measures.

A security that has always been reinforced thanks to the fact that all Vithas hospitals implement the strict protocols of the Joint Commission International, world reference body that accredits patient safety and healthcare excellence.

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