Varicose veins surgery recovery

Recover after a varicose veins surgery

Varicose veins occur due to circulation problems in the legs, causing congestion (dilation or swelling) of the veins. Among the causes of their appearance we find overweight or pregnancy, work standing up or being exposed to constant heat sources.

The recovery varies depending on the severity of the varicose veins and on the technique used for their removal and/or treatment, but as a general rule, it is usually between 3 and 4 weeks in total.

However, the patient can lead a normal life from the day following the operation, being able to perform daily tasks such as going to buy or go out for a short walk always taking extra care after the surgery.

In order to make the recovery satisfactory and complete as quickly as possible, you have to follow a series of instructions or advices for it as they are:

  • Make use of an elastic mesh as a medium to keep the legs compressed (one on each leg if you have eliminated the varicose veins of both) during the first month of postoperative. This mesh will be placed after 48 hours of the surgery, as instructed by your doctor.
  • Must avoid strenuous exercise and baths in the swimming pool during the first month.
  • Showering is not a problem as long as you wash and heal the wound completely after the shower. Apply betadine and the compressive bandage.
  • After the walks is advisable to raise the legs the first weeks and apply ice to improve the circulation.
  • Apply ice where the varicose veins were and change the bags every 20 minutes.
  • Walk the next day after the operation. Walk one hour or two hours a day increasing the time in a progressive way to favor the blood circulation.
  • Carry out a balanced diet rich in proteins for a faster healing process.

In the surgery the larger varicose veins are eliminated, but the smaller ones may not disappear altogether so that they must be treated in a second time more for aesthetic than medical purposes. But, as a general rule, neither signs nor varicose veins usually stay after the operation.

Finally, we want to highlight the fact that the development of varicose veins can be a genetic fact therefore, in some cases, they can re-develop.

Depending on the case, if you work standing many hours, if you are overweight, etc.… this pathology can develop again.

If you are a person prone to develop them, you will have to take into account a series of issues such as maintaining your ideal weight, eating well, not drinking alcohol in excess, exercise moderately…

If you notice more serious symptoms after the operation, do not hesitate to contact your specialist.

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