Restructuring of the Vithas Xanit Internacional trauma service to offer super-specialized services

Restructuring of the Vithas Xanit Internacional trauma service to offer super-specialized services

In order to offer a super-specialized service and improve the patient experience, thus offering the highest quality of care, the Vithas Xanit Internacional trauma, orthopedic surgery and sports medicine service has been restructured into nine units formed by professionals of recognized prestige.

As explained by Dr. Antonio Narváez, head of the trauma area, “it is such a broad specialty that, with the constant advances that take place, it is necessary to divide it into units that are up-to-date in the most advanced techniques for diagnosis and treatment of diseases”. The Dr. also adds that “this multidisciplinary vision does not prevent the sharing of cases in our clinical sessions”

In addition to this restructuring, new specialists with extensive experience in each of these areas have been incorporated, the service being formed by a total of 19 professionals. Thus, the nine units in which the service has been restructured are the following:

  • Arthroscopic surgery and regenerative medicine Unit: specializes in the minimally invasive treatment of joint injuries (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and small joints). It is led by Dr. Antonio Narváez and includes Dr. José Miguel Serrano and Dr. Teresa Villalba.
  • Upper limb unit: offers treatments of the hand, elbow and shoulder, using techniques ranging from microsurgery to joint replacements. Its manager is Dr. Fernández Martín.
  • Foot and ankle surgery unit: dedicated to injuries such as bunions or Morton’s neuromas. Managed by Dr. Rafael Idiart.
  • Spine surgery unit: it specializes in diseases of the spine (herniated discs, discopathies and scoliosis), and is in charge of doctors Luís Morales and Aurelio Díaz.
  • Joint reconstructive surgery unit: this new unit treats hip and knee diseases, from the point of view of the prevention of osteoarthritis, developing new techniques with osteotomies (correction of the bone axis to redistribute loads), or joint replacement surgery using partial or total hip or knee replacement. This unit is led by Dr. Elvira Montañez, an expert in knee, and Dr. José Luís Garrido, specialized in the hip.
  • Osteoporotic fracture monitoring unit: its purpose is to diagnose and treat for the prevention of fractures. The unit is headed by Dr. Álvarez Piña.
  • Pain treatment unit in traumatology and orthopedic surgery: directed by doctors Borja Alcobia and Felipe Alonso, this unit offers radiofrequency or myofascial pain techniques.
  • Sports medicine area: carries out evaluations of athletes, both professionals and amateurs, and it treats injuries derived from physical exercise, using the most innovative techniques of regenerative medicine. In charge of this unit is Dr. Manuel Escalona.
  • Traffic Unit: directed by Dr. Carlos Ledesma, this unit is in charge of the comprehensive monitoring and treatment of those injured in traffic accidents.

Thus, thanks to this recent restructuring of our trauma service in these units, we are able to provide our patients with even more specialized and improved care compared to the already excellent care that we previously offered at Vithas Xanit International. In case you need the services of our specialists, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or make an appointment.