Rhinoplasty: types of surgery and differences between them

In recent years, rhinoplasty has become one of the most requested aesthetic surgery procedures, which allows reshaping the shape and size of the patient’s nose to achieve a more aesthetic and harmonized with the rest of the face result.

In this article we will comment below some more details about the existing variants for this type of surgery, in which they differ and when each of them is used.

Rhinoplasty: open or closed?

When performing rhinoplasty, today we can distinguish two types of surgery: closed and open.

Closed surgery is the most performed today in most cases, since this technique achieves excellent results without having to make any incision outside the nose, so this method guarantees that no visible scar will be left. In closed surgery, access is directly through the nostrils to manipulate and modify the bones and cartilages, obtaining the desired appearance.

On the other hand, in some cases it is not possible to perform closed rhinoplasty, so then open surgery is resorted to. To do this, a small incision is made in the skin between the tip and the base of the nose to access the bone structure. Even when open surgery is used in which the incision is made on the outside, the scar is barely perceptible and goes completely unnoticed.

What is septoplasty? How is it different from rhinoplasty?

When the objective of the surgery is not aesthetic, but is performed solely with the aim of improving the patient’s breathing, the surgery is called septoplasty. In this case, the surgery consists of the straightening of the nasal septum (the inner wall that separates the left and right side of the nose), since if it is twisted it can make breathing difficult.

However, the shape of the nose also greatly affects breathing, so sometimes rhinoplasty, which modifies the visible shape of the nose, is also used to improve the patient’s breathing, and at the same time improve its appearance. This is why septoplasty is often combined with rhinoplasty, when to improve breathing it is necessary to correct both the shape of the nose and the nasal septum.

Rhinoplasty cost

If you want to know the cost of rhinoplasty, in our prices guide you will find the minimum cost for this surgery. The total cost may vary depending on the complexity of the case, so to obtain a more accurate estimate of the cost in your case please contact us.

Rhinoplasty at Vithas Xanit International Hospital

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