Tips to take care of our health in autumn

Tips to take care of our health in autumn

With the arrival of autumn, many sudden changes in temperature often occur, there are less hours of daylight per day, etc… In this time of transition between heat and cold it is easy for our health to suffer, so we catch a cold or the flu.

Next, we will review some tips to properly take care of our health at this time of year:

Get vaccinated against the flu

With the arrival of autumn and winter, flu infections also arrive. To prevent it from affecting us, one of the most effective measures is vaccination, which involves injecting the patient with an attenuated version of the virus, in this case the flu, so that our body produces antibodies against it.

This way our body will be prepared to fight the flu virus effectively in case we get infected later.

Take care of our nutrition

As at any other time of the year, food is essential for our health. Here are some nutrition tips for fall:

  • Take foods rich in vitamin C: Vitamin C is responsible for strengthening our immune system, helping us to protect ourselves from diseases, so eating foods rich in this vitamin (but without abuse) will help protect us from colds, etc…
  • Eat fruit and vegetables: during the fall there are plenty of fruits and vegetables of the season, which provide the vitamins and supplements we need to stay healthy, so we should take advantage of them.
  • Infusions to facilitate digestion: with the arrival of autumn, meals become more copious, with longer and heavier digestions. If due to this we have difficulty exercising or resting properly, taking an infusion can help us facilitate digestion.
  • Drink plenty of water: although at this time of the year begins to make less heat, it is still important to drink enough water daily. The recommendation at this time of year is to drink about 2 liters of water a day. In addition, drinking plenty of water between meals will also help our digestive system to work properly.

Clothing and temperature changes

As already mentioned, one of the main factors that can affect our health in autumn are the sudden changes in temperatures.

To face them, it is important to dress appropriately, that is, wear enough clothes to avoid being cold, but without getting to heat until you sweat, as it would be counterproductive. It is advisable to wear several light clothes that we can put on and take off depending on the time and situation, so that we can adapt better to the changes in temperatures so common at this time of year. It is convenient to dress warmly a while before if we know that we are going to move to a colder environment, such as when we go out, and take off some clothes when entering a warmer environment, without waiting to get hot. In this way we will avoid exposing ourselves to sudden changes in temperature that can harm our health.

And when we go to exercise outdoors, although we should try to wear clothes that warm us enough, it is important to ensure that these also allows perspiration.

Take care of our rest

Without a doubt, sleeping and resting properly is essential for our health and well-being. And in the face of a cold or flu, it will also help us recover sooner. Remember that it is important to get enough sleep, about 7 hours a day, but do not abuse sleep.

In addition, sleeping and resting well will also help to combat the fatigue felt by those who suffer the effects of autumn asthenia, common in those who are most affected by the change of season.

Take care of hygiene

In autumn, moisture accumulates easily, also at home and other interiors, which favors the accumulation of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to ventilate our home well, even if it is cold, to renew the air and prevent allergies and diseases.

It is also essential to take good care of our personal hygiene and our clothes. If we overcoat and sweat, our clothes get wet, and if it stays in contact with our skin, bacteria that can cause skin problems, or even can cause a cold, will proliferate in that moisture.

Care of our skin and hair

During the summer our skin has suffered a lot: exposure to the sun, sea salt, chlorine from swimming pools, sun creams, etc… If we are interested in taking care of our skin, autumn is a great time to have a peeling treatment with which to renew our skin.

Also our hair will have been affected, with dry ends, so it is a good time to go to the hairdresser to hydrate and condition the hair.

On the other hand, at the beginning of autumn it is still very sunny and hot, so it is advisable not to stop using the sunscreen on the most intense sunny days.

And once it starts to get cold, we should keep our skin well hydrated by using natural oils and creams, to protect it properly.

Take care of our mood

With the arrival of autumn, daylight hours are reduced, darkens before, and cloudy or rainy days are more frequent. This lack of sun can negatively affect our mood, so to compensate for it, it is advisable to go out to sunbathe for a while, even if it is cold.

In addition, to the lack of hours of sun we must add the return to work or classes, and the end of summer vacations, which can make us feel discouraged, tired, pressured, and in some cases it can even cause post-vacation depressions. In these cases, set goals, perform activities that we like and relax, go to the physiotherapist, etc… can help us feel better.

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