Tips for dealing with mosquito bites

In the middle of summer, mosquito bites are a constant, especially in humid and hot areas, which are areas preferred by these insects to raise their eggs.

Female mosquitoes bite to suck blood. They do not feed on it but it serves to lay their eggs, hence the reason they only bite the females. In contrast, male mosquitoes only feed on plant juices. Today we are going to review some of the most important issues about mosquito bites.

Why do we get a rash and redden the skin?

Because female mosquitoes inject their saliva into our skin. It is normal for the skin to redden a little and itch for a few hours but, if the person is allergic to mosquito bites, the reactions will be more serious. We must observe the reaction of our skin and if after a mosquito bites the alterations of our skin are abnormal, you should go to your doctor as soon as possible for an early detection of possible allergic problems.

What can we apply so that it does not itch the skin?

In front of the normal bites, it is best to apply a cream with corticoids to reduce the itching. After applying corticoids it is not advisable to expose that area to the sun, as spots on the skin may appear.
Another typical example is very popular Polaramine (antihistaminic).

How dangerous are the bites?

They can be a bit dangerous if you are allergic, but not deadly.

What attracts mosquitoes the most?

  • Mosquitoes are often attracted to certain types of blood like the O
  • Dark clothes also attracts them.
  • The smell transmitted by the pregnant woman
  • People who drink alcohol

What kind of clothing is best to use to prevent mosquito bites?

  • Clear clothes
  • Clothing that covers arms and legs, although in summer this is very difficult.
  • Clothes not too thin

What remedies exist to combat them?

  • Insecticides: are the most used at home by the ease of applying the spray in the area where we believe there are mosquitoes or just throw it out before going to sleep. They produce the rapid death of the insect, but only last a few seconds so if we want to prevent more mosquitoes from entering, we must use another type of method.
  • Diffusers: they are connected to the plug and exist in both liquid and tablets. It lights up a while before going to sleep to prevent them from entering the room. Depending on the degree of odor they transmit, it is recommended to leave it more or less hours plugged in. But that yes, never to leave all night plugged to the current to avoid accidents.
  • Repellents: both in chemical and natural substances, they do not kill mosquitoes but they prevent us from being smelled and stung. An example of a plant that repels these insects is citronella, so fashionable now in bracelets for children and adults.
  • Mosquito nets: they are grids that serve to prevent that insects enter this area, although it does not prevent them from entering the other side. The main drawback is that it does not let in as much fresh as an open window.

Alert: Tiger mosquito bite

The first thing to do if you get bitten by a tiger mosquito, is not to scratch since it produces a bigger skin infection than if you get a normal mosquito.

The tiger mosquito, has a larger size than a normal mosquito, and is characterized by stripes that have black and yellow on its legs. Hence the tiger mosquito, because with the stripes, it has a brindled appearance.

They sting at any hour of the day, their bite crosses the clothes, and they are attracted by clothes of dark color.

Most likely against a bite of this mosquito, is that they prescribe a cream with cortisone to calm the itching and prevent a major infection.

To prevent its occurrence, we must remove water from small spaces such as flower pots, animal watering in open areas and clean the weeds that may be in our garden, as they like shady and humid areas.

If during your stay on the Costa del Sol you have an allergic reaction to the bite of a mosquito or any other insect, Vithas Xanit International Hospital has a medical emergency service available 24 hours a day.