Tips for doing sports in summer in a healthy and safe way

Tips for doing sports in summer in a healthy and safe way

In summer we should not stop doing sport, since it is important to do it throughout the year to stay healthy and fit, and summer is the perfect time for it because we have more free time, good weather and days are longer.

However, it is important to take certain precautions so as not to take risks to our health, especially when it comes to high temperatures.

Next, we remind you of a series of tips to practice sport in summer safely:

Avoid the hottest hours

It is important to avoid the central hours of the day (between 12 and 17 hours). Due to the intense heat it is dangerous to do outdoor sports, as we could easily suffer a heat stroke.

We should do sports early in the morning or at sunset (after approximately 8:00 p.m.), when temperatures are not so high. If our only free time is during those hottest hours, we must look for alternatives such as going to the gym or exercising somewhere indoors, fresh and well ventilated place.

Stay hydrated by drinking frequently

It is important to prevent dehydration, replenishing fluids frequently, drinking water and isotonic drinks. We should drink before, during and after exercise.

If we are going to play sports, isotonic drinks are even more recommended, since in addition to water they replenish minerals and electrolytes, making it easier for our body to retain water better.

Wear appropriate clothes

We should wear loose and light clothing, which perspires, such as cotton, and has pockets to carry a bottle of water, etc… The footwear and socks we use should also allow perspiration.

Protect yourself from the sun

Use sunscreen, also when you go out to do sport. It is convenient to use a high factor, especially if we do not have brown skin, or we have fair skin.

If possible, better to use a specific sunscreen for sports, as they remain better despite sweat and water.

In addition, wearing sunglasses and a cap or similar will help us to better protect ourselves from sun and burns.

Do not do sports on an empty or very full stomach

If we try to do sports on an empty stomach, along with the intense heat, it is very likely that we will suffer from lipothymy. On the other hand, if we do sports right after eating in abundance, our performance will be worse, feeling heaviness, swelling and discomfort. Better wait a while between food and sports activity (1 or 2 hours), and avoid copious meals if we are going to do sports later.

Be careful not to warm up too much

Although some warm-up is still necessary before starting to exercise, due to the higher body temperature it is not necessary to warm up as much as in winter, so it is advisable to reduce the warm-up exercises, performing shorter and more specific ones.

Take precautions also when doing water sports

In summer we can practice other water sports, typical of this season: swimming, water polo, surfing, canoeing… However, although the heat is not so noticeable when in contact with the water, we can also take a risk if they are performed under high temperatures.

Although to a lesser extent than in other sports, liquids are also being lost, so it is still necessary to stay well hydrated by drinking from time to time, and do not forget that, although we are in the water, it is still necessary to use sunscreen to protect ourselves.

Before symptoms of discomfort, stop and rest

Stop and rest if while doing sports you feel any symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, cramps, etc… since they are probably a sign of dehydration. Rest, drink water or isotonic drinks and refresh yourself.

In the worst case, if someone suffers a heat stroke, if even after following the recommendations in case of heat stroke their temperature does not drop and does not improve, or if we know that this person suffers from any cardiac pathology, we must call immediately to emergency services or, if possible, go to the nearest medical center or hospital.

Remember that in case of emergency, if you are on the Costa del Sol in the Benalmádena area, at Vithas Xanit International Hospital in Benalmadena we have an emergency service available 24 hours a day.