Tips to protect eye health in summer

Tips to protect our eye health in summer

In summer the appearance of eye diseases increases, being the most common irritations, infections, and dry eyes. This is mainly due to increased exposure to the sun, dryness of the air and contact with water. Here is a summary of the main tips to keep in mind during the summer to prevent eye problems.

Protect our eyes from the sun

In summer it is usual to take precautions to protect our skin from the sun, but we must not forget that our eyes are also very vulnerable to solar radiation and therefore we must protect them adequately to avoid damage that may even become irreversible. To do this, we should use sunglasses with UV protection duly approved and that cover the entire eye area well. It is also advisable to wear hats, caps, etc… to protect us.

Of course, do not forget that you have to be more careful in the central hours of the day, where the sun exposure is greater, and also special care with the eyes of children, since they are more vulnerable.

Beware of eye dryness

At this time of the year, due to the use of air conditioning, our eyes have a greater risk of ocular dryness, causing irritation, redness and blurred vision.

To avoid this, some tips are to put the air conditioning at low power and avoid exposing our eyes directly to the air stream. The use of humidifiers, as well as placing plants or containers with water in the room, can also help to maintain humidity.

If we suffer from dry eyes, we can use artificial tears or saline to keep our eyes well hydrated. Blinking also helps to keep our eyes hydrated, so it is also important to make sure we blink frequently, especially if we have been paying attention to the computer screen or other devices for a long time, since while doing so it decreases considerably the frequency with which we blink.

Be careful when swimming in pools, beaches or rivers

Although the contact of water with the eyes is innocuous at first, due to the chlorine of swimming pool water, sea salt, or other germs, etc… that may be present in some rivers or lakes, it can cause redness, irritations or even infections in our eyes. To avoid this, it is advisable to use water goggles or diving goggles.

In case we use contact lenses, we should never bathe with them, since we can suffer infections if they get wet.

Beware of sand in the eyes

In this time of the year, eye irritations are frequent due to sand, dust … that gets into our eyes. If this happens, we should try not to rub our eyes, instead we should wash our eyes with clean water.

Beware of allergies, also in summer

In case of suffering from allergies or being prone to conjunctivitis, we should also be careful in summer, since during these dates many plants still pollinate, and when it does not rain the air is not cleaned. Sunglasses can also help protect our eyes from pollen, and in case of irritation from pollen, we should not rub, but wash with saline.

Check our vision before traveling by car

On holidays, many people travel a long distance by road. As it is recommended to check the state of our vehicle before going on a trip, it is also important to ensure that the driver’s vision is in good condition, so it is a good idea to go to an ophthalmological review before leaving on a trip.

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