Types of lifting and other treatments to eliminate wrinkles

Types of lifting and other treatments to eliminate wrinkles

Currently, we have a wide variety of treatments to rejuvenate the face, both surgical and non-surgical. This is one of the areas that is most affected by the passage of time as our skin and muscles lose their tone, firmness and elasticity. Thanks to these facial treatments, wrinkles are reduced and eliminated, achieving a more youthful appearance

Although many effective non-surgical treatments have appeared in recent years to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate the face, “lifting” or facial rejuvenation surgery is still one of the most effective and long-lasting methods, with important advantages: allows to “harden” the facial muscles, solving the problems of flaccidity of the skin; excess skin is carefully removed, tightening the skin that remains so that the result is a rejuvenated appearance without losing naturalness; and allows to improve facial contours.

Depending on the area of the face to be treated, there are different types of lifting. Next, we explain what the different types and when they are used:

Front Lift

Front lift is used when it is necessary to treat the upper part of the face, by stretching the skin and muscles of the forehead, thus eliminating wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Drooping of the eyebrows is also corrected.

To carry out this type of lifting, several incisions are usually made in the hairline area, so that these marks or scars are completely hidden. In addition, this type of lifting can be performed by endoscopic technique, so that the incisions that need to be made are even smaller, which makes them even more invisible if possible, and that recovery is faster.

Temporal Lift

Temporal lift acts on the lateral areas of the forehead, so it is useful to minimize “crow’s feet”. The stretching is done in this case in the lateral areas of the forehead, raising the tail of the eyebrow and allowing the eyelashes to shine again.

For this type of lifting, again the incisions are made hidden in the hairline, only in this case they are made in the area of the ears. As with front lift, temporal lift can also be performed endoscopically, with the same advantages.

Cervicofacial Lift

With the cervicofacial lift the lower part of the face is treated, in a way that allows to reshape and rejuvenate the neck and the lower and middle thirds of the face (up to the height of the temple). As in the previous ones, skin is stretched, so that in this area it causes the elevation of the neck, correcting the laxity and wrinkles of the skin in this area. By performing this technique, excess fat is also removed from this area, especially from the double chin (submandibular area). As a result, with this technique the tissues are repositioned, redefining the neck and jaw while giving volume to the cheekbones, achieving a rejuvenated and more natural appearance.

Incisions required for this technique are made hidden behind the ears so that the markings are not visible.

Combinations of techniques and other lifting variants

Any of the above techniques can be performed separately or in combination in the same intervention. It is also possible to combine them in the same intervention with some other facial surgery treatments, such as eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

In addition to those already mentioned, there are also some very specific lifting variants available, such as the minilifting, which is used to correct slight wrinkles or small flaccidity at the neck or face level, and that for its realization only requires a minimum detachment in the pre-auricular area of the face and neck.

In any case, all types of lifting are performed under local anesthesia or sedation, and normally require a day of hospitalization.

Other treatments to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate the face

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, in addition to surgical facelift treatments, a wide variety of non-surgical treatments are also available with which results similar to a lifting can be achieved: botox, hyaluronic acid filler, tightening threads. , etc.

These non-surgical treatments rejuvenate the appearance of the face in a more progressive way and without radical changes, with the advantage of being less demanding treatments and with fewer possible complications than surgery. However, they have as a counterpart that their results are not as long-lasting as that of a surgical facelift, so that non-surgical treatments need to be performed at least once or twice a year (depending on the treatment) to maintain the results obtained.

Lifting and cosmetic surgery treatments at Vithas Xanit Internacional

If you are interested in undergoing a lifting treatment to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate your face, or any other rejuvenation treatment and/or cosmetic surgery, remember that at Vithas Xanit Internacional we put the best specialists at your disposal, who together with our cutting-edge technology and the most recent techniques, allow us to offer you the best results. Contact us for more information or make an appointment.

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