Vithas Xanit Internacional incorporates a Da Vinci robot together with the Premium Marbella Clinic

Vithas Xanit Internacional incorporates a Da Vinci robot together with the Premium Marbella Clinic

The Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital, through its urology service and together with the Premium Marbella clinic, incorporates a Da Vinci surgical robot, the most advanced surgical system currently available to carry out minimally invasive surgeries. Through the use of this robot, various interventions have already been performed, including radical prostatectomies and cystectomies, among others.

The team of specialists that leads this project and performs the interventions with the Da Vinci robot constitutes the strongest group in Andalucía in advanced urology, providing coverage to all Vithas centers in Malaga and other provinces. It is made up of doctors Juan Arocena, Gonzalo Sanz, Emilio Julve, Javier García Penit, Ramón Bonilla, Jorge Soler and Javier Machuca, who are member surgeons of the Spanish Association of Urology. All of them with extensive experience in robotic and laparoscopic surgery, some of them having performed more than 500 interventions.

The Da Vinci robotic system provides numerous advantages over open and traditional laparoscopic surgery: in addition to being a minimally invasive surgery in which the incisions are as small as possible, thanks to the use of the Da Vinci robot, the surgery is performed with the highest possible precision, while minimizing the risks of conventional surgeries and possible human errors thanks to the safety systems implemented in the process. All this translates into a lower need for transfusions during the intervention, as well as a faster and better recovery, with a shorter hospitalization time, less postoperative pain and fewer complications, and specifically in the field of urology, a better prognosis in preservation of erectile potency and urinary continence.

As José Antonio Ródenas, managing director of the Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital explains, “the Da Vinci surgical robot is the latest technology in minimally invasive surgery, which improves the results, precision and safety of surgical activity”, who adds that, “its versatility allows it to be used in numerous surgical specialties, from urology to general surgery through gynecology, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery and otorhinolaryngology, although its main field of application is urology being some of the main interventions that can be performed cancers of the prostate, kidney and bladder, pudendal nerve, pelvic organ prolapse, benign prostate hyperplasia…”

With this, there are already 4 surgical robots of this type that the Vithas Group has at its hospitals in Vigo, Seville, Madrid, and now, also in Benalmádena.

Minimally invasive urology at Vithas Xanit Internacional

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