Vithas Xanit Internacional is a well-reputed private hospital located at the heart of the Costa del Sol. It is renowned for its commitments to innovation, science and technology.
Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital is situated in an up market residential area and has 13,000 m2 of floor space distributed over 5 floors.
In addition, the expansion project currently underway will add to the hospital a new building with four floors, parallel to the current one and that once completed will be fully integrated with it, forming a single building with a total of 25,000 m2: an innovative hospital, reference in healthy spaces and universal accessibility.

The following video (in spanish) shows how the hospital will be once the expansion project is completed:


The hospital rooms have been designed and equipped to maximize comfort and security.

  • 106 single rooms, the expansion project will add 36 new rooms in a first phase (142 rooms in total), and another 36 more in a second one, making once the project is completed a total of 178 rooms.
  • 5 of them are suites.


  • 4 theatres, equipped with the latest technology in medical equipment. Intensive Care Unit. The expansion project will add 2 more in a first phase, and other 4 more in a second phase, making a total of 10 once the project is completed.
  • 12 ICU beds with centralized monitoring. The expansion project will add a new ICU block with 15 individual boxes, all of them with direct natural light.

Area for out-patients consultations

  • 48 out-patients consultation rooms offering all surgical and medical specialties, the expansion project will increase in 14 the number of out-patients consultations, making a total of 62. The out-patients consultations will also have a new access of their own and differentiated from the main access.

Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Centre

  • The Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital has a Laboratory that uses the latest technology available on the market and is constantly incorporating the latest diagnostic developments.
  • The Diagnostic Imaging Service comprises the Radiological and Nuclear Medicine Departments. It is highly specialized and offers each patient the most suitable and personalized option according to their particular illness. In this way, specialists can determine the most suitable imaging technique in order to obtain the most precise diagnosis.

Vithas Xanit Oncological Institute

Our Oncological Institute comprises of all the medical structures that are related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer: a medical oncology department organized into specific units, radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, pathological anatomy, oncological surgeries…

  • For the prevention and detection of cancer, Vithas Xanit Internacional hospital offers a Cancer Prevention Unit that includes a Genetic Counselling Programme as well as a Screening Unit specialising in the detection of certain types of tumours.
  • Vithas Xanit Oncological Institute has specific units specialising in particular types of cancers. These includes breast cancer, gynaecological cancer, digestive cancer, urological cancer, lymphoma, lung cancer, head and neck cancer.
  • The Oncology Committee at Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute brings together all the professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Committee has a weekly meeting to study new cases and to monitor patients already undergoing treatment.

Heart Department

The Cardiology unit is another well known department of the hospital. It provides the best cardiologic healthcare services, performed by qualified doctors and surgeons, for all kinds of pathologies and using the most advanced technology. Dr. Hans-Joachin Shaefers, one of the worldwide experts in Heart Surgery, is collaborating with this Unit.

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