Why choose us ?

Why choose us

Quality, safety, professional competence for medical tourism

Quality, safety, satisfaction and comfort are the principles that underpin the philosophy of our hospital.
Our excellence is based on a quality program, protocolised work and standards. Our hospital incorporates processes which rely on different committees (health care ethics, oncological, infections, pharmacy, blood transfusions, mortality and improvement of the health care practice…) in order to study cases with a multidisciplinary approach.

Moreover, we have received recognition for our quality care and have become the only private hospital in Andalusia and are one of the few in Spain to be accredited by the Joint Commission International. This organization monitors  the quality standards provided by hospitals. To meet these standards we have carried out the implementation and follow-up of the 6 goals set up by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Joint Commission International.

Our hospital is also characterized by its multicultural mentality and by the high degree of patient satisfaction. Our priority is to take care of foreign people attending the hospital and to provide them with a personalized and individualized service.  A relaxing atmosphere in our premises helps providing an excellent quality of healthcare at all times. We believe  that healthcare starts from the moment patients step into the hospital and have set up protocols based on empathy and happiness.

Innovative surgical treatments

In the vast majority of cases we use minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques. In this way we guarantee a shorter and more favourable postoperative recovery, thus enabling our international patients to return to their countries of origin as soon as possible.

A Friendly Hospital Offering Personalised Care

We build up our relationships with patients on trust because our staff provide high quality medical treatments and personalized care.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Confidentiality has a great importance when treating our patients. Our medical and surgical attention is carried out with the utmost discretion and privacy and we respect both national and international data protection regulations.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices, and high-quality healthcare. We tailor treatment to the individual needs of each patient.
Send us your details and we shall answer back within 24 hours.

An international hospital for an international patient

Our “International Services Department” provides a personalized service to our international patients. Our International Services Department works hand in hand with other hospital services to ensure that patients and their relatives receive a personalized treatment and excellent medical care at all times.

No language barriers

Our staff speak a total of 16 languages and offer a multidisciplinary and multicultural service. Not only do they respect patients’ values and beliefs, they also take into account their customs. They know how to carry out any administrative formalities required of patients by their national health systems.

Your care is our sole concern

Our Welfare team visits patients on a daily basis and takes care of any request or doubts. We aim to make your stay with us comfortable and pleasant as possible in order that you can relax and focus on your medical treatment.

Continuous and fluid communication

The continuous communication between our different teams allows us to answer patient’s questions quickly and efficiently.
Our multilingual team has specialized in attending patients from all over the world. We provide follow up before, during and after medical treatment to all our patients.

Comprehensive escort Service during your medical trip

We offer global services to our patients and are, therefore, able to assist them before, during and after their trip. We help our international patients with the organization of their trip, accompany them on their appointments at Vithas Xanit Internacional and offer a follow-up service. We also organize transfers during their stay and provide administrative support for any necessary paperwork.

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