Hair care and advice on winter

How winter affects our hair: care and advice

With the arrival of winter, our hair is also affected. It is very common that problems can arise such as frizziness, dryness of the scalp, dull appearance…

The main causes of our hair being more dry and unruly during the winter are several:

  • Lack of humidity in the cold outside air.
  • Warm air from interior heated spaces.
  • The use of hats, which cause static electricity when in contact with hair.

Here we give you some quick tips to take care of our hair in winter, thus preserving our hair looking brighter, hydrated and without frizz.

Advice to take care of our hair in winter

Here are some tips to preserve the good appearance and health of our hair, as well as our hairstyle:

  • Prevent damage caused by heat: With heat, the natural structure of the hair is damaged, losing shine and flexibility. To avoid this, there are several hair oils and treatments rich in oil extracts able to prevent this damage and to soften the damaged cuticles, giving it a brighter and more flexible appearance.
  • When washing our hair, it is also important to regulate the water temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, and try not to abuse the dryer (if we use it, better at a certain distance and with warm air, not very hot).
  • Avoid frizz: the warm air of the interior spaces causes our hair to curl, making it difficult to comb. In addition, the contact of our hair with hats and other clothes produces static electricity, causing the hair to stand on end. Currently there are useful hair products to prevent static electricity and frizz: masks without rinsing, fixing gels and hair oils.
  • Caring for the hydration of our hair: maintaining the humidity of our hair is important, since otherwise the appearance of dandruff occurs, causing annoying itching on the scalp. To keep the hair hydrated, we can use masks and, in case we need it, an anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Keep the hairstyle when wearing hats: in winter it is common to wear hats, even though these usually crush the hair, undoing our hairstyle. To prevent hair from getting crushed, in addition to avoiding the use of very tight caps, it is possible to use some volume spray before drying our hair, and use it from time to time throughout the day to fix the hairstyle every time we take off the hat.

Finally, recalls that in case you need any assistance regarding the health of hair or skin, at Vithas Xanit International Hospital thanks to our specialists in dermatology we can offer you the best care. Contact us for more information or make an appointment.